PFB+ Basketball Recruiting Thread 2.1 #LutzWork (Part 1)

I would love adding him

ELITE shooter

seen him in person once but plan on catching him a few times this year



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And they still lost to Mexico.

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What ever happened to the Youngstown state kid? Cohill? Dude was really, really good.

Madea’s March Madness?


Jeremiah Johnson is on his visit. Talked with his dad this week and am supposed to talk with Jeremiah after the visit is over to recap it


That’s a link to Jeremiah Johnson’s official visit pictures


We didn’t really want him anyway, right?

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that hurts

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It’s early.

Could be of note. That circuit has been picking up steam


Nah, not a loss for us. He’s listed at 6’9" and 185 pounds. That would be like recruiting another one of those early years MB string beans that gets thrown around inside. Based on the scouting reports, he’s 3-point specialist in a very tall and skinny body that would make it difficult to play defense or inside offense. Found this commentary on 247 Sports kind of funny, “His glaring weakness is in his body. He is painfully thin, lacks functional strength, and is unable to play through physicality the majority of the time. While his frame does not project to fill out in a significant way, the programs recruiting him must have him eat, drink, and sleep all things in the category of adding muscle, strength, and weight to give himself a great shot at maximizing his potential”

P.S. Maybe he could model “lulu” shorts based on @ColinAbische 's weekend commentary :smirk:

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We recruit shooters and then people don’t want them while complaining we don’t have shooters lol

He would’ve been immediately our best shooter with a sky high potential.


“We didn’t need him” Is something people say to cope with not getting him.


Absolutely true and he is exactly what MB needs as a stretch 4. Like bgod said- he would have immediately been our best shooter. Hate not getting him

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Yeah, that’s what everyone said about BT too, and we are still waiting to see all that 5* shooting potential 2 halves in a row :laughing: While I would like to get another pure shooter, I don’t see losing this particular guy as the end of the world. Of course as @OSUgrad correctly noted, a bit of comedic relief is a necessary coping mechanism when any recruit picks the Goons over us. But hopefully one of MB’s strong defense-first “linebackers” will plow over this lulu short Poser should basketball Bedlam continue :wink:

We as a fan base need to move on from the BT hype/hope train, need to spend that energy on someone else


Not a single person said BT would be our best shooter

And potential yes, I mean BT has averaged double digit points for two straight years and likely will do so again. Part of the BT problem is with us not him, and unrealistic expectations that we as fans set on him. Much like Bray, Bundage, AA, heck even Cade people complained about as well.

I think you misinterpreted what grad said lol


You are being too serious. I’m just making comedy. Gotta laugh to keep from crying about how bad OSU men’s basketball has been for far too long.