PFB+ Basketball Recruiting Thread 2.1 #LutzWork

Does Duffie commute from Tulsa if his son goes to Cascia Hall? I know Holgorsen did that but he just wanted to be near the casinos. Duffie’s been here for more than a decade, that seems like a painful round trip every day for that long.

I believe his family is in Tulsa and he may have a residence in both places.

I believe Tim Duffie recently sold his house in Stillwater or at least listed with a realtor.

Young can still play, also wild how little people were there for a state championship

Johnson had a good year as well

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Ok State not mentioned, but Lutz should consider contacting him.


I got a notification when Chimp edited the thread title and now I’m sad.


In Steve we believe?


He gives me miranda vibes

Juice ain’t worth the squeeze


He needs a new environment and coach. :grin::+1:t3:

That is exactly what they said about Miranda lol

I do not think Otzelberger was the problem


I don’t know man, being surrounded by corn can be maddening.

Was Moussa the biggest transfer Coach Boynton ever got? Or Bryce?

Asking because it will be interesting to see who Lutz goes for (accolades vs. system guys).

Ranking wise probably Bryce right?


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Moussa was #10, Bryce was #20 in composite score. Same class as Cade.

I stand corrected. Don’t know why I thought cisse was a high 4.

Lot of intriguing talent on this list.
Garrison 15
Dailey 50

Skyy Clark transferred again? Jeez.

Davonte Davis is back out there maybe Lutz will take a swing on him

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Haggerty to Memphis :woozy_face:

Garrison not showing up sucks.