PFB+ Basketball Thread 3.0

Can you forward this to Chad?


I wish i loved anything as much as you love these ■■■■ graphs


You could argue they just as good as us in the early aughts. Went to the Final Four with Hollis Price.

Have gone to the Final Four once since then. It’s aggravating.

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One because they weren’t playing.

I do like data behind my arguments.



They had Kelvin many of those years and then Capel failed, Kruger brought them back up. …
Tubbs was years ago

Who’s coaching this group? If it’s Eddie, they have a chance to lose less than 5. If it’s Boynton, 10 or more. Sean probably loses 8. Ford probably loses 8 to 10.

I don’t see dove in this lineup so 8

OSU basketball is so bad that I sometimes try to watch Hornets stuff more. That’s how bad it’s gotten.

Interesting stuff here from Berry


Key sound bite from Berry in that article that has been discussed ad nauseum in the Fire Boynton Thread :

“An OSU booster told me that Boynton won’t be fired, because the $6.7 million buyout (if OSU cuts Boynton after March 31) would be better spent on football name, image, likeness.”


As hard as it is to watch our basketball program die year after year… I would rather keep FB momentum than spend all the money on firing MB.



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I agree, why hamper the football program while also starting from rock bottom again with basketball if you fire Boynton. At least this way he gets another year of Garrison, Dow, Dailey, Keller, & whatever transfers come in and at least have a reasonable shot at a good year.


that money would go so much further in basketball, even though they do not care

every single penny we have doesn’t touch actual football money, and our best is praying for a playoff game that we would likely get smoked in, that UT game this year was a preview of the gap that has emerged over the past few years due to NIL


I thought this was a fascinating section. I even thought about looking up info like this earlier today. Glad to see Berry did the work. Now if he’d just put it in an Excel chart of some sort. :wink:

"I found 29 coaches from power-conference schools, since the advent of the 64-team NCAA bracket in 1985, who coached seven seasons and made no more than one NCAA Tournament. Twenty-one of those coaches were given an eighth year.

That’s right; 72.4% of coaches in Boynton’s situation kept their jobs. It makes sense on some level, right? Coaches you don’t believe in don’t last seven years.

Some are names you know well. John MacLeod at Notre Dame. Leonard Hamilton at Florida State. Jim O’Brien at Boston College. Seth Greenberg at Virginia Tech. Herb Sendek at Arizona State.

Don Monson got such grace at both Minnesota and Oregon. Penn State has kept three such coaches for Year 8 (Bruce Parkhill, Ed DeChellis and Patrick Chambers).

Thirteen of those 21 coaches lasted at least two more seasons past Year 7."


Did any of those happen to win a national championship in year 8?

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The football program has shown that money leads to additional positive results. The basketball team hasn’t. It’s that simple.