PFB+ Basketball Thread 3.0

Hard to get much worse than the worst.


Expecting Lutz to make it in year one and expecting the school to be making it more often than they do are two very, very different things. And the latter is not unrealistic at all whatsoever.


I do not disagree, did not say the latter was unrealistic :man_shrugging:t2:


Only one person has specifically stated Lutz’ first year would be failure without the tournament so maybe the way you worded “many” just threw me off. And that one person is usually always the odd one out on discussion opinions. Lol

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that was also in reference to all sports not just basketball, more of a blanket statement and less of a specific one


Expecting to get to the tournament is not asking much, is it? Especially in this day and age of being able to rebuild rosters through the portal.

We should expect greatness as a general matter. I don’t understand why that’s such an unusual expectation to have. Why even compete in the first place if you have nothing to work towards? Just can el the bball program if it will be nothing more than a Tuesday night activity to watch guys run up and down the court.

We have to build momentum. Get to the tournament so many years…win 1-2 games so many years…Elite Eight here and there.

Why can’t we have what KState, Baylor, Texas Tech etc. have? It took Baylor many years to actually get decent. Now I would say the Sweet Sixteen is an annual expectation, no?


Hmmm… Baylor stuck with coaching continuity. Drew went from a joke to a “Kentucky if you want it” coach.

I really hope Lutz is successful. Otherwise I may not recover.


That’s the thing. @BgodtheGoat, I would contend, is on the other side of the spectrum and kinda hints that we aren’t ever going to be consistently (keyword) good again. That we might make the tourney once every 3-4 years or something.

If that’s the case, I don’t really need to watch anymore, honestly. :man_shrugging:t2:


every year the landscape changes to be more anti OSU, which makes it more and more difficult for OSU to be consistently good. Gundy is able to overcome this with an incredible system and infrastructure one Lutz might be able to implement if given time, but it will be an uphill battle much like whenever we need a new football coach

Lutz and Ford for example should not even compared, college basketball is not even close to the same

you mention why can’t we be KSU/Baylor/Tech, the answer is money/money/money

I do think we will be better this year, and have a better tenure under Lutz than we did with Boynton but we also cannot blindly think that OSU should walk into the tourney like we thought under Ford


We have the money out there, basketball just won’t see it until they start winning. Which is a conundrum because basketball won’t start winning until they see more money.

But it’s a risk on the donor’s part. Why give money to a failing program? Hard hole to climb out of, it’ll have to start with a coach doing more with less.


A sold out GIA gives us what, $500,000 per game at least? Is that a safe assumption?

(Don’t expect sell-outs.)

This was kinda the point I was making earlier. “Fan” expectations aside, the expectations for MB by OSU admin last year was apparently to make the NCAA tournament. If they expected MB to do it under sanction with a ton of freshmen, it’s hard to think that Chad/admin aren’t expecting a tourney appearance or darn close to it this year. If they didn’t have that expectation, I think they would have just rolled with MB another year and bankrolled the buyout money. :woman_shrugging:

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Well let’s see-

13,611 seats x $8,000 per ticket = 108 million per game.


Dang, that would get a full 5-star class.


That’s going to be so odd.

If half of us buy one beer it bumps us up to 600k!


I enjoy the offseason imaginary draft articles. Todays’ was basketball players from the Boynton era - PFB Roundtable: A Fantasy Draft of the Best Players from the Mike Boynton Era

I decided to do what nobody asked me to do and “grade” each team by simply totaling the best individual season PER for each player on each team.

I think everyone would grade Marshall’s team as the best due to the draft order, but surprisingly the PER totals do not give his team as big an edge as one might initially think. Of course combined PER scores mean absolutely nothing from team chemistry and effectiveness perspectives or from an on-court match-up perspective. Just a fun data point to toss out.

Team PER totals below, with players listed in drafted order.

Cade Cunningham – 19 (2021)
Jeffrey Carroll – 7.8 (2016)
Moussa Cisse – 12.9 (2023)
Isaac Likekele – 14.4 (2020)
Kendall Smith – 9.8 (2018)

Javon Small – 15.4 (2024)
Bryce Thompson – 7.2 (2023)
Kalib Boone – 12.9 (2023)
Brandon Garrison – 11.7 (2024)
Avery Anderson – 12.2 (2021)

Lindy Waters – 13.9 (2019)
Cameron McGriff – 14 (2019)
Thomas Dziagwa – 9.2 (2019)
Yor Anei – 12 (2019)
Mitchell Solomon – 13.8 (2018)


where do you pull your PERs from?

they vary quite a bit from sports reference

Marshalls score would be over 100 with their PERs


I pulled raw data from sports reference and then have a formula to calculate that I think I got from OKC Dave several years ago.

Basically it is Points + Total Rebounds + Assists + Steals + Blocks - Turnovers - FGs Missed - FTs Missed.

Not sure how sports reference calculates theirs. I also have a “Simple PER” in my spreadsheet which just totals Pts, RBs, Assts, Steals, and Blocks while disregarding turnovers and missed shots.


Cade Cunningham – 21.6 (2021)
Jeffrey Carroll – 26.6 (2016)
Moussa Cisse – 21.9 (2021)
Isaac Likekele – 18.2 (2019)
Kendall Smith – 15.1 (2018)

Javon Small – 17.8 (2024)
Bryce Thompson – 11.8 (2022)
Kalib Boone – 25.6 (2022)
Brandon Garrison – 17.8 (2024)
Avery Anderson – 15.1 (2021)

Lindy Waters – 17.5 (2019)
Cameron McGriff – 17.6 (2018)
Thomas Dziagwa – 20 (2017)
Yor Anei – 20.6 (2020)
Mitchell Solomon – 21.0 (2018)

it has all the scores higher but pretty close to the same distribution and end result