PFB+ Cost Cutting Thread

Don’t worry guys, PFB for $8 is the best bargain out there. It stays.

Here are some other cost that are under review:

SiruisXM $26 - Really? I’m calling them tomorrow to lower that.

YouTubeTV - $49.99 doesn’t seem like such a great deal without sports, but the fact I can share the account with 4 others will keep that intact.

QuikTrip - Way too many snack purchases. So much so that I’m not posting a dollar amount. I’m giving myself a stay away from QT order until June 1st.

DoorDash - I’m closing this down like a trendy bar with overpriced rent. Deleting the app. Unreal ripoff here.

Audible - I didn’t even know what this was. For $14.95/month I was just getting charged. It’s an Amazon audiobook subscription. Adios. Saves me $179.40/year.

LinkedIn Premium $59.99 - I tried this as a trial because I was curious about the features then forgot to cancel last March. It’s just been hitting the credit card…at the tune of $719.88 in the past year. Absolutely shameful budge management there. And I’ve been with the same company for a decade. I didn’t even need it.

Anybody else reviewing this lately?


Over time I have done away with most subscriptions- no more amazon prime, Hulu, cable or other streaming services.

The biggest hits to my monthly budget- coffee and weekend beers at the local watering hole. Being in quarantine has made me realize how much I spend on both…


How did you happen to get signed up for Audible without knowing it?

I think we are all realizing how much money we just casually spent eating out or going to have a few drinks. I’m still trying to help the local places out with some takeout, but that’s cheap in my small town compared to dining/drinking in a bigger town or city.

cut Espn+ and cut spectrum, added youtubetv.

Coffee spending probably cut down to 10% of what it was weekly. Hope I can keep that going once things open

I have a bunch of subscriptions. I called everyone last year and got it all down. NYT, XM, etc. I need to go back and redo that.

I’ve also signed up for several trials recently and need to be sure to cancel them! (For work, like stock footage, photos, etc. photography editing subscriptions.)

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I probably ought to cancel HBO. Might watch McMillions first.

Make sure you watch Chernobyl too before you cancel…if you haven’t already watched it.


Oh yes, watched it when it came out. Fantastic show.

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Honestly, I can’t recall. I’m sure I went down some rabbit hole trying to look at something and ended up signed up for it.

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Make sure you spend those audible credits before you cancel or else you won’t be able to. At least that’s what they tell you.

Yeah, it took 2-3 pages to finally be able to cancel. I just wasn’t interested though that Bezos guy is quite aggressive.

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I’m fairly certain it’s a check box you have to uncheck somewhere along the way for other services they offer. I had also been signed up for it at some point. I definitely didn’t sign up by choice.

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Since I am not out buying multiple cups of coffee daily.- I did decide to buy good coffee for the house. Riding for the PFB Brand with Hoboken Coffee Roasters.


I need that cup.

I somehow got resubscribed to Kindle Unlimited despite cancelling.

Panera offers a $8.99 per month coffee subscription. I mean, it’s even cheaper just to make it at home, but if you want to get out from time to time and is cheaper than Starbucks.

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An ironic thread here on a + forum.


PFB would be last on my list of things to get rid of, in the disposable income category of things. Just have to decide between it and life insurance. :man_shrugging:


For $0.26 a day I can argue about sports. PFB is safe.


I’m saving a ton.