PFB+ Cowboy Baseball

I figure the wind is blowing in tonight at the ball park.
I’ll be surprised if ORU were to start a right-handed pitcher too. Every team we play wants to start a leftie against us.

Let’s hope he’s a righty, because no Meola and no Wulfert. Two of our best RH bats. We really need to get healthy and STAY healthy.

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Ehrhard continues his red hot hitting with a 2 run bomb. 2-0 bottom of 1. We are seeing another left hander tonight.

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Going to the top of the 5th. still 2-0. Haven’t had a hit since a single by Benge in the 1st.

Any upcoming opponent should throw nothing but lefties against us. ORU has thrown a dude making his first appearance of the year and another with a 9.00 ERA, and they are mowing us down.


We did pick up a run in the 5th, Crull with a leadoff double, moved to 3rd on a SAC fly, then scored on a wild pitch. 3-0 now,

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Thankful for the wild pitch. It’s just super frustrating that our best hitters (Schubart, Brueggeman, and Benge) struggle so much against lefties. That HAS to get figured out for this team to maximize its potential. Especially with Wulfert and Meola out.

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Wulfert is out for extended time according to FL45

Ure was bringing some heat. His fastball was clocked at 99-100 mph.

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His arm talent is unreal. Let’s keep him healthy and he will be a huge piece for this team.


It would be great if we could stretch Ure out to the point he could be the Sunday starter that we really need.

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That would be huge.

On a side note, ORU is being in a lefty to face benge and Schubart. They better figure out lefties soon or they can’t hit back to back going forward.

Update, benge singled, Schubart walked, and Ortiz got hit! Up 5-0 after a past ball.

ORU staff melting down. 5-0

Yes they are, they have gifted us 3 runs.

It’s good to have some breathing room.

Benge hits a 3 run homerun to go up 9-0. No idea how he hit a HR on that pitch. Impressive hitting.


Benge is such a pro hitter. Really fun to watch.


Tennis vs Horns at 5:00 then mosey on over to catch the rest of bedlam. Gotta love Spring.


Goons throwing another lefty tonight. Hope we can figure it out. Meola and LaSalle both back in the lineup should help.