PFB+ Food in Stillwater thread

OK, @TheHeadChimp raised a good topic: What are your favorite places to eat in Stillwater?

Thai Cafe has been mentioned. (I have not tried it.) What else do y’all like?

Shortcakes is a must. Hasn’t changed in like, forever?
Hideaway for the nostalgia of course.
But I miss Crepe Myrtle…
I tried to get my wife to go into Murphs with me on our last trip in. The face said Hard Pass.

You gotta visit the palms!!

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Crepe Myrtle is reopening!

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Woah woah woah. You’ve never had Thai Cafe? Unless you actively avoid thai/asian you should go!


You have to understand that Thai Cafe comes from when I was there. I don’t know how it is now.

They have this coconut milk soup with chicken and mushrooms. Oh boy…get it at the spiciest level…

What!!! Seriously? I’ll be back in Stilly many times over the next few months/years, so that’s awesome news. Now get Chuba to return…

You mean, like, the Neon Palms?

Still in business favorites of mine:
El Tapatio
Coney Island - Redone now and even better
Joes - bacon cheese fries and elm street fowl thing
Shortcakes - strange as it seems I just realized I have never eaten there sober…
Hideaway - but can get in OKC now so not a big deal

Gone and wished they were not:
Oklahoma Joes - the absolute best BBQ brisket sandwiches I ever had
Victorias - Italian place on the strip that had great fettuccine alfredo
Moms - all around great food

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Yes sir.

Also, Davincis italian was incredible if it’s still there.

You can thank Gundy for the renovation of Coney Island. The new owners of coney are the same family that donated the new scoreboard. Over the years they have become friends with Gundy and following their purchase, Gundy expressed to them the lack of bars with rooftops and how recruits were looking for that and a party scene… so they redid the entire place.


The Garage is a pretty solid spot.

That is freaking awesome!!!

Gonna repeat that I miss Bobo’s. Still the best Mexican food I’ve ever had in Oklahoma

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El Tapatio! That was the Vaquero alternative. They were owned by the same people.

I don’t know that I did El Tap, but El Vaquero was my go-to.

Want to try when I go to Stillwater.

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What about Ron’s Hamburger and Chili, on the strip? Had one of the most gut-busting hamburgers in my life, there.


Rons is now located where Curlys was.

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