PFB+ Football High School ‘Crootin (Part 2)

I skied at Purgatory this past March. Met a guy there who was wearing K State gear. I was wearing OSU gear. I told him I was at the game last season. He laughed and said, “Yeah me too. I was playing in it.” Turns out he was a D lineman. The one thing he said while shaking his head side to side is, “Man I have no idea why your coach calls the plays he does.”


Thats pretty cool! You should have asked more about the calls lol. Run plays? pass plays?

Just got off the phone with GeKyle Baker. Said he got to talk to James Washington over the phone while on his visit. Baker is from a small town in Texas just like Washington :eyes:


Yeah I would have but we were headed off to ski with our different groups. I just responded that it drives the fans nuts that we don’t call plays that use our strengths and minimize our weaknesses. He said, “Exactly.”


I worked athletic maintenance in Gaylord memorial for 2 years in late HS / early college (discussed this before, I needed the $$.:roll_eyes:) and there was a guy there out of Katy that was supposed to play football at Ou, RB. He had 2 ACL tears in an 8 month period and ended up losing his athletic scholarship, but they brought him in, housed him, and gave him a job so that his best friend would come in as a WR. Which was highly illegal at the time, but I’ll ignore that for now.

We worked together for 3 years, and still talk fairly often. His little brother is a walk-on at OU now, and after bedlam he told me that they watched film over a whole bunch of different complex schemes we had ran over Dunn’s time here, and in bedlam last year OSU maybe ran 10% of it. He said something to the extent of “90% of their time studying film was wasted when they could have been working on other stuff because OSU only used 10% of their playbook.”

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I guess it maybe attributed to OSU main receivers, Sanders, Oline all injured. Also Dunn maybe just clearly afraid too much stuff may confuse the in experienced guys who were playing in those positions. But most certainly Dunn plays afraid if he doesn’t have his ideal guys, doesn’t take chances from his limited time here.

I think it’s moreso Gundy that’s afraid. He’s such a spaz, dude is terrified of almost everything.:joy: it’s like he almost doesn’t trust Dunn. But it’s also on Dunn’s shoulders to earn that trust to get Mike off his back, like Dana and Todd did. Even Yurcich to an extent.


This guy is talented!

Anotha one, wonder if the safety/CB from Tulsa.


Welp, that was quick. Big pickup there.

Good news @AdamLunt , we got him


yep, good thing he didnt flip at the end


Said it before and I’ll say it again, Nardo will become our new MB before too long.


Is this guy good?

That’s great as long as he’s better with development and X’s and O’s than Coach Mike.

He is good enough?. Rising prospect from Mckinney. Same school as Has best offers as OSU, Mizzou and SMU. OV this week at OSU

I’ll take all the Nigerian’s out there please