PFB+ Football High School ‘Crootin (Part 2)

Is Dunn trying to play cops and robbers?

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I saw 5’6 170 and 5’11 175… that’s a big height discrepancy

247 says 5’11” 175lbs


looking at the pic he’s def not 5’6” but also def not 5’11”. Woz is about 6’ based on photos of him standing next to Ollie and Collins.

I’d guess he’s 5’8” - 5’9” max

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Dunn’s somewhere in the 6-1, 6-2 range


I bet this kid has some speed and quickness. He’s played all over the field on both sides. Not many people go to Idabel to scout a kid.


The whole standing next to thing is tricky to use. Have you ever seen the Steph curry photo effect thing? Basically, someone pulled a string of like 50 photos of Steph with other bball players and he’s the same height as the other player in all of them. Whether it’s green, or Trae young, or Jason Tatum, its weird lol

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I haven’t but I Woz and Ollie have lots of pics together. Ollie is slightly taller than Woz, maybe by an inch or two. Woz is taller than Nixon and Warren. Lopez seems to be slightly taller than Nixon and Warren haha :abacus:


This is my buddy’s brother! Their dad is still the tallest one in the family haha

Tre Griffiths got a fourth star from 247 today.

I don’t know a ton about football recruiting, but in keeping up with his stats week-by-week this year, he seems really good. Named him my favorite of the class on Signing Day (I’m vigorously patting my own back)


Nice. Was expecting it for Cleveland too!

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I maybe wrong, but I dont think we offered him.

Yep, just an average QB in state. Let’s let them all walk. :joy: I’m also sour that we are losing all the top talent to that team South. They are about to pick up the Weatherford kid CJ. Kind of wild

His X account shows we offered in September '23.

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Let’s see if he lasts longer at Utah than he did at Jenks.

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Not sure if this was mentioned already, but this Baylor QB commit was apparently on campus a couple weeks ago


kinda weird TCU doesn’t want him?

TCU already has a 2025 QB commit

I know, I am just wondering why they would not go after a kid who had his dad and uncle play for them and is roughly the same as the commit they already have