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Going to see them December 28th at Billy Bob;s in Ft. Worth. Going to be a blast.

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Billy Joel at Madison Square Garden


Kevin Bacon joins on The Entertainer


That is awesome! I love Billy Joel!


Awesome. Him and Phish go back and forth on most MSG concerts.

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Spent the weekend on Long Island with my wife’s family. They grew up down the road from him. Makes listening to some of the songs more understandable.


Where do they live?
My father in law grew up in Riverhead. His brother and his side of the family still there. Live in East Notices. We were just there this summer.

Grew up in East Norwich. One brother lives in Jericho and the other in Oyster Bay. We did spend Saturday out on the North Fork. We love it out there.

It was nice, we had a great time. Weather was beautiful.

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Jimmy Buffett died?!

Bro wtf, Jimmy Buffet died?!

That’s wild. I’m in Colorado seeing Phish and guarantee you they cover him tonight.


One of my favorites


I just watched a TikTok saying Zach Bryan is giving Country music a Nirvana moment. Meaning his music is changing the genre, like Nirvana was the end of hair metal and Zach is the end of bro country.

But when I listen to him, I just hear the same red dirt country that I’ve heard out of Oklahoma since Stoney LaRue & Cody Canada played at Eskimo Joes on Friday nights. Stoney with his bare feet on the sticky floor. :joy: Like obviously, he plays the same covers like “Boys from Oklahoma” and if I were a betting woman, he covers “Fishin in the Dark.” Am I right on that one?

Anyway, it gave me a serious flashback. I’m not sure I’ve ever been so early to a trend. :joy::rofl::joy: