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St. Peter’s vs Kentucky is basically this.

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Don’t be a dick. You do this sh*t all the time. You get called out and then start with the “har har the IQ in here is low” nonsense. No dude, yours was the barrel bottom in this instance, straight up.

My personal favorite is “I was actually agreeing with you”, when no, you weren’t. That’s your subtle way of admitting you were wrong, but make it seem like you had the same thought as the other person. waaaaannnnkkkkk

When someone replies too long for your arbitrary, on the spot character counts, “hur dur i no read that”. I get it, reading is hard.

There’s a reason the NFL doesn’t let guys in before three full years out of high school. Alabama would get hammered by 2-8 Arizona, full stop.


I respect you and your opinion, but not enough to read all that

I will never get tired of people who I’m not even talking to being upset enough to write me novels

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How did your hornets manage that tonight?

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Holy sh–t, they beat Boston! LaMelo is legit good

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I hope they’re good this year so you can do what I’m doing and get really invested in your NBA team instead of OSU lol

Miles Bridges honestly helps a lot but LaMelo dropped 36/9/8

This is the best team talent wise since Glen Rice was in Charlotte and that was 25 years ago. Still 4-9 but the talent is there. Plus we might end up with the most hated young nucleus in the league with LaMelo, Miles Bridges, and Brandon Miller.

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Whoever was with Raddo this morning-

“Philly has a really good interior D.”

Raddo- “Question. Who’s Dwight Howard’s favorite interior D?” :joy::joy:


Glen Rice was a baller. Always felt like he flew under the radar in the league. Should have been a bigger star.

I think he got way more attention with the Heat.

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Wasn’t glen rice in tecmo basketball? One of the all time games

I honestly didn’t play that one as much as super bowl. Played more double dribble and NBA jam (I think?) The 2 on 2 one with crazy dunks

I’m talking NES homie!


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Wasn’t double dribble NES?
NBA jam was Sega Genesis I think?

The warriors and blazers are an absolute wagon in this

I knew this was NES. I was saying I played double dribble instead.
Sounds like I would have liked this one though