PFB+ NCAA25 Thread

Do you get anything other than getting the game early when you pre order? If not, not sure it’s worth the extra money just to get it a couple of days early. We’ve all been waiting 3,650 days. We can wait 3 more.:joy:

I’m on vacation and then work training from the 17th-August 2nd so I feel forced :joy:


Very good reason.:joy:

Kinda the same for me. I’m supposed to go visit my brother for a couple weeks on the 17th. I should be able to play it via PS remote play tho.

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Jim, Adam can wait. He needs to know how important the 19th is. Plus, he still has visible scars for what I did to him on NCAA 06.

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I bet haha. We’ll need to play each other sometime and see who the superior football coach is.

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I bought Madden to practice and I’ve still got it. Also randomly bought the Tour de France video game. So random.

Story time with Uncle Trav:

Have a dynasty going with Alabama on NCAA14 for the Xbox360. I re-did the conferences so that Goon and Texas are now in the SEC. In the east division with Bama, Georgia, Ohio State, LSU, ND, and USC. The west isn’t as tough.

I also re-aligned the BCS bowls. OU can’t get one because I took away the SEC automatic qualifier. Gave the at-large bids to MAC, American and C-USA champions.

Edit: Goon status has fallen like a rock in the pond. Last 3 seasons, 4-8, 7-5, 5-7. They have gone from 6* prestige to 3* prestige. SEC! SEC! SEC! :joy:


Anybody watch the extended gameplay trailer today? Tbh it’s not as great as I expected. Still super excited for it, but it seemed really choppy and the physics looked weird. Lots of issues with madden but it seems a lot smoother than CFB does in this video.

Very unrealistic. We would never get to 7 points at UCF.


Anybody know the actual time it will be available? Need to know when to start canceling my meetings.




7/15 at 3 PM CT for the early birds

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Like an idiot, I drunkenly pre ordered the standard edition like 2 1/2 weeks ago and was today years old when I realized it didn’t have the early access… so I refunded that b**** and got the delux… cmon July 15th so I can piss my wife off and be soooooooo unproductive



Alright this is the funniest one


Couple Youtubers who have early access have posted hour long+ videos of gameplay today.