PFB+ NFL Thread

Barry Movie :exclamation:



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Now I gotta watch Baker Mayfield gash the Bears.

Indy may have an actual QB again :face_holding_back_tears::face_holding_back_tears: I’ve been dreaming of this since the day Luck retired

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And he’s out with a concussion :man_facepalming:

That’s the risk we run with a running QB. :expressionless:

Eh he hit his head on the turf when he fell backwards. That could have happened even if he was standing in the pocket, just a freak injury on that one

Garner minshew is by far the best backup in the entire NFL, lucky for Indy.


I honestly thought he was going to be the starter. He is very good.


He’s never gotten much attention, even at WSU. Or at least as much attention as he deserves. He plays well no matter where he goes and everyone keeps benching him.


He’s very sneakily mobile, and actually has a good arm.

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He got plenty of attention /from/ WSU, ill tell you that. Even when i came in the dude was still being talked about every week, it was like they had met a god in real life. Pullman goes nuts for Gardner

There are only about one and a half teams in all of sports that I hate more than I hate Cleveland. That pick was cathartic

Go Panthers rah rah

Kenny Pickett might stink, luckily the Brown’s stink worse.

Rudolph about to get himself a start I think

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What kind of injury did Chubb sustain?

Fitzpatrick hit his knee and apparently it was too gruesome to show on TV