PFB+ Non-OSU College Sports Thread (Part 2)

Ask came across this…

These are the nine largest college basketball arenas in the country, according to seat capacity listed by each institution.

First, the TL/DR version:

    1. Carrier Dome, Syracuse — 34,616 seats
    1. Rupp Arena, Kentucky — 23,000 seats
    1. KFC Yum! Center, Louisville — 22,090 seats
    1. Dean Smith Center, North Carolina — 21,750 seats
    1. Thompson-Boling Arena, Tennessee — 21,678 seats
    1. Capital One Arena, Georgetown — 20,356 seats
    1. Madison Square Garden, St. John’s — 19,812 seats
    1. PNC Arena, NC State — 19,722 seats
    1. The Schottenstein Center, Ohio State — 19,500 seats
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Pulled this up as well…

What is the average attendance for Kentucky basketball games?

For the third straight season and 20th time over the last 23 years UK led the country in average home attendance in the regular season with 21,875 fans per game (the NCAA’s official attendance title will be decided at the completion of postseason tournaments).Jan 17, 2024


These numbers, aren’t they paid attendance? Kind of reminds me of Nebraska football where they were sold out for 40+ years or whatever, but it was obvious as time went on that it wasn’t practically that in terms of attendance. I get it, estimated attendance is subjective, but I have a difficult time being impressed by attendance numbers that reflect ticket sales. ESPN has Saturday’s attendance at 7623. The previous 2 games were over 6,000. I didn’t get a great look at the KState game, but those other 2 could not have had much more than 5,000.

I miss Boone lol

50mil to renovations 12 mil to NIL.


12 mil gone to a handful of teenagers within a few years is crazy for me to wrap my head around.


Iowa State gonna be a huge dark horse.

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Yeah kinda glad we miss them this year. Both them and Arizona that is.


Yeah, kind of wild. Didn’t realize ISU was so young.

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How is A&M so high? Didn’t they lose everyone?


Just the big name stars.




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Saw someone post, we live in a world where a briles works at TCU and a Patterson works at Baylor. ha

Who would’ve thought


Opposites attract? :woman_shrugging::thinking::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Chip Kelly leaves head coach position at UCLA to be OC at Ohio St and takes a 4 million dollar pay cut🤷‍♂️

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He doesn’t have to live in California, he’s going to a better program, and that pay cut is significantly not as bad as $4MM because of the cost of living.

Personally I would not want to live in CA, but he has been in Philly, SF, and LA for the last 12 years or so? So Columbus is a big change. And going from head coach to OC? No doubt Ohio State has a great chance to win championship next year, but winning as OC is different than head coach.

Even with cost of living and tax differences (Ohio taxes are not CA, but still pretty high), that has to equate to over 3.25 million pay cut.

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I’m not necessarily trying to support why he’s correct to make the change, rather, just pointing out some clear benefits despite a pay cut. Also, based on a $3.25MM estimate you referenced, that’s only a 19% net savings estimate. When it comes to housing, fuel, state taxes, local taxes, and other stuff, it’s going to be at least in the 30%-40% less range.

Not trying to argue and I have not lived in CA, but I have lived in NY and OH and OH was ~15% less costly taking everything into consideration - I wish it was the to the 30%-40% less expensive.

And going from a head coach to coordinator position seems odd unless you have something not apparent (like transition to being head coach in a year or two) and that doesn’t seem to be the case at Ohio St.

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I know you’re not and appreciate the input and discussion, it’s helpful. But I just randomly checked 5 various sites for COL comparisons, including COL adjustments provided by our company for various cities, including Columbus where we have an office. I just compared Orange County/LA (those were the closest comparable options) to Columbus. One site reflected a 25% difference (threw that one out), one site reflected a 64% difference (threw that one out), and the remaining 4 were all either 33% or 34%. Many of those even broke out the cost categories to the detail of bananas, etc. Who knows, exactly, but I’m pretty convinced it’s much more than 15%. I do acknowledge Columbus has become quite pricey in the last 20 years, but don’t believe it’s that much.

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