PFB+ Non-OSU College Sports Thread (Part 2)

Y’all are doing way too much research for chip Kelly.


It’s more of a responsibilities thing with Chip Kelly than cost of living.

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We moved beyond Chip

Bud, Cali has a ton more to do than Columbus, Ohio of all places. It is an incredibly boring city.

Additionally, it’s a lie that California’s taxes are so much higher than other states. States will get taxes regardless of how they do it. Texas has high property taxes, for example.

Well, this is somewhat correct on the CA part. New York has the highest tax burden overall. Followed by Hawaii, Maine, Vermont, and Connecticut.

But it reads like you’re saying TX has a higher tax burden than CA which isn’t true. CA has the 12th highest tax burden and TX the 29th overall. TX has the 8th highest property tax burden baked into their 29th overall. These are averages because CA also has a skewed local tax burden on the average in the larger coastal cities that give the stereotype.

That being said CA takes care of their citizens the best in my opinion and if people objectively look at the tax burdens they’d take CA’s #12 highest tax burden at 8.89% over #41 Oklahoma at 7.12%.

And yes we literally argue over that slim of margins.


People have talked about how insane GIA is with 13k folks packing it in, but the loudest I’ve ever heard any arena was growing up at an ND/SU home game with something like 28k people. When it gets super packed the angles for the folks in the worst seats are absurd. That was also the closest I’ve ever seen my dad to getting in a fight.


Surprised the second sound gets trapped in the dome.

He’s made easily over $50M in his career and is still going to make ~$2M/year at Ohio State, this has nothing to do with money. This is all about him getting out of UCLA where they were getting tired of him and going to a situation where they can essentially recruit for him and he just gets to focus on coaching offense, which he’s been one of the best ever at.


GIA is really, really loud when there’s 13k interested people there. But it was louder before the expansion. Shape and angles def make a lot of difference, it’s why BPS is so much louder than a lot of 70-80k seat stadiums.


Don’t see this often in softball. Or at least I haven’t.


Unless it’s Mike White…


The ol’ “Birdman” himself.




I love how she was covering her mouth to talk to the ump as if there weren’t only like 14 people watching the espn+ feed.

@marshall 's quip “Mike White lost a horn” still cracks me up - best non-OSU related PFB quip of all time :clap:

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Dickinson sitting on the bench with 2 points and now fortunate the team is only down by 9 at the half

A little off topic but anyone know what’s going on here :flushed: took this off IG

I wish they would have lost by even more. Final was 79-50. I’d give anything to catch Kansas really short handed and just annihilate them. Knowing our coaching staff and roster, we still would’ve lost tonight if we played them. It’s infuriating how crappy our program is and specifically this season.

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He’s training for pro day?


Seriously ???
Well I wish him luck