PFB+ OSU Memorabilia Thread

Would love to see what you guys all have. Maybe we could buy/sell/trade some stuff?

I’ll post a few things that I have that aren’t for sale but think are cool. Currently adding to my sports card collection and always looking to buy what I don’t have.

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Most random thing. Mike Cobbins game jersey that I found at the Stillwater Goodwill.



I added this PSA Graded 1945 Cotton Bowl ticket last year.


From the legendary Big Country team. Really dig this one because of the Final Four design that year even though we lost to UCLA.


Just that one jersey laying there?! That’s a great find.

Would you believe I lost my 95 FF ticket stub on the flight home? Kills me to this day.


Brutal! Not sure if it would be the same but they currently have non-graded ones on EBay for pretty cheap.

NWT- Size XL, basically brand new. I’d be open to offers. DM’s open


Is there a Nike swoosh on the other side?

My in-laws own an office supply company and a few years ago I was helping them deliver some office furniture to this place in Tulsa.

There was another company there that had got part of the bid and were installing the furniture they had. They started talking to us about sports and stuff and they said they had sold some tables to OSU a few years ago (my understanding is they went in the O-Club).

They said they had some that printed with an off color tint and they wanted to get rid of them. So I bought these. They just threw in the Les Miles one.



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Always the day before payday lol :rofl:

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My next door neighbor was an Engineering professor, Charlie “Chaz” Bacon and setup all the radio equipment for football games for 39 years, starting with Coach Stanley I believe. Charlie loved OSU and we would always talk about football and basketball.

His prized possession was an OSU jersey with his name on it and the number 39. He passed away a couple of years ago and the family had an estate sale. They didn’t have any plans for his jersey and weren’t rabid OSU fans like Charlie, I told them I’d proudly put it on my wall. His daughter told me they tried to put him in a nursing home in Norman (she lived there) and he said “Over my dead body”. They had to put him in a home in OKC instead, God love him.

The text at the bottom says
“Presented to Charlie Bacon
39 Years of Service
Oklahoma State Football”

Edit: There is an OSU football game program with a story about Charlie called “Everything is better with Bacon” from 2010 or 11 I believe. If anyone has a copy I would love to pair it with this so people can read about Charlie when they look at it. I only found reference to it online and couldn’t find a digital copy.


Off the wall memorabilia here… I live in the house that Jimmy Johnson lived in when he was in Stillwater. The prior owners all passed down a piece of mail addressed to him. I’m not sure if it was on purpose or not (it was with some other appliance papers) but I’ve kept it as well.

I edited out my address. The house had an open upstairs loft, a bar built into the main living room, and another room with a golf pin built into the center of the room (we’ve remodeled most of it). People that were around said he had some wild parties.


I love this thread.

Here’s my jersey story.

A few years ago my wife asks me to go on a double date with her friend and her boyfriend, The girl and my wife were already pretty close, but it was really the first time I’d hung out with them all as a group.

Anyway, this like 7 foot tall guy comes walking out and it’s pretty obvious he plays basketball. Turns out it’s Marek Soucek(Yeah, I know he pretty much sucked at basketball, but he was a good guy). I really don’t follow basketball much and didn’t know a whole lot about him, but at the time he was about to graduate.

As far as our couple friends go, we all basically end up being best friends for the next few years, which definitely looked odd when we’d go do stuff together because my wife and I are both about 5’3 and his wife was pretty tall too.

They had a 2 year VISA after graduation and when it expired they had to go home to the Czech Republic and couldn’t take much with them.

So he just gave me this jersey that OSU presented to him on senior night.


That’s an awesome piece of memorabilia.

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If you’re in search of unique OSU memorabilia, the Stillwater thrift stores are the way to go.

I got this basketball at the Habitat for Humanity Restore last year.

Signed by Kurt Budke and Andrea Riley


Shhh… don’t let them know… but Seth is right, the Stillwater thrifts/ downtown antique malls always have the goods. Following coaches getting fired or leaving you will find their old team issued gear with their names tags inside them which I always find funny.


Yep, I once got an almost new Nike polo from one of them really cheap and didn’t realize until I got home that it had Marcus Arroyo’s name inside


I still have my 1988 Holiday Bowl tickets.