PFB+ Parenthood Thread

You best delete that comment as folks that test mother nature usually lose…but in your case a loss of intended plan would actually be a win :wink: Maybe just wait until the oldest turns 16 and is driving their own car, LOL. :rofl:

We have our hands full with one. God bless!


Just went from family of 3 to family of 5 with addition of 2 foster kiddos. Our bio daughter is 8, with our foster kids being 5 and 9. Talk about a massive change. We thought getting our 1 kid out of bed and to school was hard some mornings. I look back at those and laugh now. I can only imagine having 6 kids, my hat off to you sir.


And my hat is genuinely off to anyone who adopts or fosters - what a blessing you must be to those kids. :innocent: And I’m sure your biological child will ultimately appreciate and enjoy having siblings around too even if it is a massive change at first.

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We’re even more on edge about strangers touching our kid than normal because he’s just getting over his 2nd bout with Strep. My wife and I were at the store this morning grabbing some stuff and I was holding our son in my arm while looking around. This middle aged woman came up behind me and went in to kiss him on the cheek, and without hesitation my wife came over and leaned in toward her with her lips puckered. The lady leaned back and goes “what are you doing?” My wife says “if you don’t want me kissing you, what makes you think he wants you kissing him?” And takes him and walks off. I could watch that lady’s facial expression on a loop for hours.

People need to stop walking up to stranger’s kids and grabbing / kissing them. It’s extremely weird and creepy behavior. If you wouldn’t do it to a 12 year old stranger because it’s weird, it’s not any less weird to do it to a baby.


I have never had that happen to me and my child. If it did, I have no idea how I would react. Not nice I know that.


Too many adults still don’t understand this:


I don’t know if we just look inviting or what but people do it to us all the time. One lady grabbed his hand and started kissing on it. Then got mad at me when I asked her to stop. People are weird.


Everyone needs to see this.


That is unreal! I would never dream of doing that to someone else’s kid, even before I had kids of my own. I’m so sorry that these things keep happening to your baby, especially after his RSV hospitalization.


I think some people just look at them like cute puppies or dolls or something instead of a human being. Not that that makes it any better, but it’s the only way I can think to justify why anyone would ever think that’s okay or normal.


That is insane! How can anyone actually think that is remotely acceptable behavior?


When my wife was pregnant with our second kid she was in a store and a strange woman came up and put her hand on her belly so wife put her hand on this woman’s belly.
She jumped back all confused and asked my wife what she was doing and my wife said she thought we were both just touching each other without permission. I was so proud of her.

People just don’t think they need permission to touch babies and pregnant women.


Putting your hand on someone’s belly you don’t know is WILD. I cannot comprehend.


It’s insane to me how common it is. I saw it happen a few times with my SIL and her daughter before we had our son, but didn’t realize just how often it happens. We’ve even had to tell one of the daycare workers to stop kissing him. On the lips too. It blows my mind that so many people think it’s normal to do that.


Ew…on that last part. That’s a big no-no.


I also agree it is considered odd behavior in the USA. But in many countries the kissing thing is quite normal. In certain countries it is customary to greet each person with a kiss, or some cases, two kisses - one each cheek. We even had to tell a doctor from another country working under a visa here in the USA not to do this :rofl:

Long time fly on the wall in this thread, but wanted to share some news with the PFB+ Parenthood thread.

After a long 8+ year infertility battle, multiple failed rounds of IUI, multiple IVF retrievals and transfer failures, and hundreds of injections later, my wife and I have finally shared publicly that we are pregnant with twin girls as our first children.

I have learned a lot from this group and will referring back to it for advice.

Go Pokes!


Congrats dude, that’s awesome