PFB Picks: Predictions for Oklahoma State-West Virginia

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We’re expecting a relatively close game and an OSU win.

We should beat the brakes off of 'em! West Va isn’t really that good as far as what they lost from last sesaon and what they have coming back compared to oSu’s roster. It’ll probably far too close for most of our liking though…

I’m glad the other Kyle has not posted. I sure but o line is the down fall of the team even when Gundy played. So u guys all think tu is as good or better then west v. How we have wrinkles and more 10 yrd passes. I’m all in on defensive but would like to more heat and turnovers. It’ll be scary.

After what I saw last weekend, I’m going West Virginia 31 OSU 20. I just don’t just trust our O-line right now.

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People try to compare team to team, but that’s not how football works. Games are played individually. For example, we slaughtered KSU last year. It was a curb stopping. Then KSU beat up on OU. Therefore, OSU should have beaten ou by 50+, right? No. That’s not how it works. Predicting that OSU will beat WVU has nothing to do with the Tulsa outcome. New game. It’s all about matchups, and OSU has most of the advantages across the board.

OSU gave up zero sacks and was rushing for good chunks after Shane came in. I agree that the line wasn’t awesome, but a lot of that had to do with Bullock being completely incapable of throwing a football, and holding on to the ball 8-10 seconds every time he dropped back. TU’s defense was able to throw 7-8 guys in the box all day. Once Shane spread the defense out on his first couple of throws, the Line did much better in my opinion. It’s a lot easier to block 5-on-4 or 5-on-5 than it is to block 5-on-7 or 5-on-8.

I’ll take OSU 24-20. I’m not real confident things turn around in one week because they almost never do with OSU football.

  1. They are going to attack Illingworth because he’s a freshman and his favorite target is Wallace (WV will probably bracket him)

  2. The OL has been decimated and it’s not something that’s going to look very good in less than a week.

  3. Gundy will be stubborn as always and ensure crapfest 2020 continues with his Pat Jones 2.0 run first mentality with a decimated OL despite having the best WR in college football.

  4. Illingworth is probably going to throw a couple of picks in this game giving WV more opportunities on offense. Gundy will start playing scared afterwards (As always) and Lee the ball on the ground even if their down by double digits with less than 5 minutes remaining in the game.

  5. If OSU does win a close one it’s going to be because Illingworth ignores the retarded play calling and talks with his offense on what will work and get them in the end zone.

It’s a lot easier to just put Illingworth in the game after Bullock proved in two drives he can’t get the ball down the field. Doesn’t take seven drives to figure out Bullock isn’t the guy.

True. But that has nothing to do with tomorrow. The Bullock era is over, baring any more injuries.

I think it will be close because Gundy is going to make sure and play down to the level of the competition.

I’m all in on Illingworth (partially because I was never sold on Sanders). Even with freshman mistakes, I think if the o-line gives him half a chance, this will be the start of something very special for the next few years.

Just like any team, we’re only as good as the big fatties up front.

WVU 27
OSU 34

No one is talking about last week being a wake up call. The team is feeling vulnerable and I think they come out pissed. We are the more talented team overall. I think the defense builds and Dunn and Co find more creative ways to get Chuba and Tylan the ball since they now have a much better idea of what they have in the QB room.

Pokes roll 42-14

I don’t think Dunn is impressive and needs to step out and prove he is making the calls.
Otherwise WVU 35 - OSU 10.

Boy I wish I knew you. I would be making you shake on a 10,000 dollar bet that OSU doesn’t lose by 24 points, and it would be extremely easy money. Guaranteed money, actually.

Hey I admit it, my predictions are ALMOST as bad as Gundy’s record against OU. :grin: Not quite but almost.

And mine are almost as good as OSU’s top 6 in the country in wins over the last decade total! We’ve got something in common.