PFB Picks, Predictions for OSU vs. Missouri State

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We’ve got the Pokes rolling big on Saturday.

I’m hearing Sanders won’t play Saturday. Is this accurate?

One thing msu will have advantage. Spring games.

I hope we see Sanders. But I also Hope Illingworth, Bullock, Thompson and Gundy
See the field.

I’m with Kyle Cox. I think 35-10 sounds like a safe bet. I think the defense will be decent, but I don’t trust the offense. Points per game average has went down since the 2018 season.

I’ll go with 45-12, the good guys of course.

Bullock, seriously?! I’ve seen far too much of that guy and don’t want to see him again.


LOL, you really believe that?!

Joey. Point was just play a spring games would help them. If u dnt see ok.