PFB Picks: Predictions for the Big 12 Championship

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Predicting the score, the MVP and the uniforms for OSU’s game against Texas.

I sure hope they don’t wear those orange helmets. Those things are bad medicine.


I am going to call like I see it, even if cynically. Every commentor can feel free to lambast me if proven wrong. But, we won nine games when other teams played their worst and got blown out by two teams that aren’t even bowl eligibe, one a group of 5 school!

Texas will not be unmotivated and, as much as I loathe Sarkisian, will be playing to impress the CFP committee. A simple win against a team that lost to S Alabama won’t do it. I expect reality to set in for our over achieving team. Sark feels slighted at Big 12 coach of the year too, the putz!

HATE TO SAY IT, BUT… Texas 48, oSu 10 :cowboy_hat_face: :flushed: :cry:

(I do hope and pray that I am so far wrong that all can chastise and admonish me come Saturday night!) GO POKES!!

Well I for one won’t be lambasting you. This is a very logical conclusion.

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I hope you are wrong as well but that outcome wouldn’t surprise me in the least. Based on what we’ve all seen this season it’s pretty clear that we definitely overachieved due to Ollie getting hot which motivated the rest of the team a bit but a top 10 we are not.

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Thank you for the kindness. Pragmatism is so very counterproductive to fandom! GO POKES!!

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oSu - 27 Texas - 24


ASU, Cincinnati, & WVU I would agree. Central Arkansas was a team we should beat on a bad day (same for Southern Alabama - but credit them that on a bad day for OSU, they were phenomenal). I can’t agree on any of the rest, although maybe Houston is debatable. BYU, KU, KSU, and OU - strongly disagree. BYU probably played their best game all year. OU had three turnovers, those decided the game - are you saying we can’t credit OSU’s defense for those? Seriously?

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I feel like if I pick the Cowboys, they’ll lose for sure.

Could they pull the upset? You bet. I think the players are capable, Ollie seems suddenly to have been rejuvenated, and he has motivation against Texas.

Do the coaches have the game plan to do it? That’s the issue, IMO. The losses they had this year - esp. Southern Alabama & UCF - they were outcoached and unprepared, plain and simple. ISU - you’ve got to bring your A game to beat ISU in Ames. And OSU didn’t. Ask the 2011 team about that.

The other thing in OSU’s favor is that no one thinks they can win this game. They literally have nothing to lose. Gundy (IMO) is at his most dangerous in games like that. Like Bedlam this year - they were 10.5 point underdogs. And what did we get? OSU going for it on 4th down in a close game. Dialing up crazy plays - one that failed spectacularly. That’s Gundy with nothing to lose - in previous Bedlams if OSU was potentially playing for a shot at the playoffs, etc. he was more worried about losing than winning - and he played very conservatively. The only exception was 2011 in Bedlam when he had Weeden & Blackmon.

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We will either win by a score or be blown out. I don’t see any in between to be honest.


I do not mind you crediting credit where ever you like. OU, as an example, snapped the ball to their running back who then tried to give it to the QB. We had nothing to do with that fumble, other than recovering it. Just one instance of many. I will look forward to my chastising from you if and when I am wrong. I will leave you to our shared sadness if I am not with no interruption. Fair enough??

Texas is the home team and expect them to wear their classic W/O/W unis. So I’m guessing we will be B/W/B with orange trim and an oSu brand on the helmet - “We got a brand too”.

The game: UT will be motivated but so will we, and it’s also dry artificial turf where we play the best. I expect a good showing from us with a lot of passing by both offenses. Special teams and whoever gets the most chunk plays wins the game. Unless we have multiple turnovers and they don’t it will be close either way.

They’re going all white.

I think this goes arena football league style . Whoever capitalizes touchdowns on turnovers gets it .

Very excited to see Ollie go up against this Texas D . I think it will be like ou where he got yards but always got closed in on . I’m sure ou is going to give game tape of whatever they can to help Texas .
45-42 for the good guys.

Doug9, I agree with you. We played like crap early because Gundy could not even figure out who our QB or RB’s should be. Once they figured things out, we’ve been mostly solid. As it turns out ISU was not a bad loss and the UCF game was just weird with the monsoon and all the tip picks.

We may not win but this is going to be a 4Q game because Gundy knows Texas and the boys will be ready. Go Pokes!

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At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if OSU wins or gets blown out.
I do think it’s going a bit closer than the spread would indicate but in the end, Texas has too much talent in the trenches.
Texas 35 OSU 24
Since Texas is going with their all white combo, I think OSU goes all black with the Cursive Cowboy logo.

Just some key points here:

  • We’ve looked really bad in the first half our last three games

  • Bowman is just a guy

  • if Kasey Dunn calls plays in the first half, it will be over before it even gets started

  • Our secondary is going to be eaten alive in the first half, and it’ll be too late

  • We have to win the turnover battle by at least 2+, and I don’t see it happening

  • Gundy is 1-4 in conference title games

If we win that’s cool. I’ll eat crow. :bird:‍:black_large_square:

If we lose, and by a lot. Then I won’t be surprised a bit

Texas 45 OSU 20

What get from this is take osu +15.5

Ou and Kansas St are the leading scorers in the B12 this season and we held them to under 25 points each. Vs the Wildcats we gained 3 TOs and 3 SODs. Vs the Sooners we gained 3 TOs and 2 SODs. So, we will probably need something similar Texas has blown out 4 B12 opponents this year: Baylor, Kansas, BYU & Tech. We will definitely need something special in the game plan to attack their front seven.

Texas unimpressive games
Loss to uo
Beat isu by 10
Beat Houston by 7
Beat tcu by 3
Beat ksu by 3