PFB Podcast Ep. 299: Hoops Resurgence, Throwback Unis, Eddie HOF Push

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Plus, more Cade!

Hey guys, love the new POD… (totally agree on Monopoly take… but the OSU/Stillwater board is fun).

Carson… my son and I were at Bedlam. We can confirm that Yelling Guy was talked too… but it was Campus cops. During a timeout the brown hair ref was talking to the cops while standing in front of press table at the South end… and the cops then went to him. The ref was pretty animated, but the cops & the man were laid back… like they knew each other and just shooting the breeze. Interesting though after the game and coach Mike was heading out… Yelling Guy walked around the North end of the court towards him… but it was under us so I didn’t see what happened.

It was so loud when the 5th, 6th & 7th fouls were called the dust was shaking off the rafters. Loved the crowd and the game.