PFB Podcast Ep. 334: Turnovers Doom OSU vs. Texas

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A postgame dissection of what went wrong this weekend.

Sadly, I feel like we’re going to waste an all time great OSU defense in what’s going to be an all time disappointing team. We’re probably going to go 1-1 in the next two and miss out on the Big 12 championship.

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I totally agree that Spencer Sanders is behind in the learning curve because Gundy played Corndog instead of Sanders that year when the season meant nothing. Gundy was looking short term. What is a worse feeling than now having no chance for the playoffs is that one of the elite defenses in college is on a team that is going to probably accomplish nothing this season. I feel bad for those guys. I would like to totally blame Gundy for this but I think the real culprit is the unexpected decimation of the O line. We have no running game because of that situation.