PFB Podcast Ep. 341: OSU Wins Shootout vs. Texas Tech

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Carson and Colby break down OSU’s high scoring win.

Hope I’m wrong, and I realize it’s early, but I don’t see anyway Cunningham is the #1 pick in next year’s NBA draft. He’s obviously a good player, but he’s struggled to get his shot off against UTA and Texas Southern. His shooting so far is average as is his ballhandling. He definitely has good court vision and is very smooth on the break, but I don’t see him competing with many starting NBA point guards at this point in his career. Maybe a second year in Stillwater would benefit him?

I think since it is so early in the season that it’s too soon to be picking the number one draft pick. There is way too much hype about Cade but I enjoy it anyway because OSU needs this kind of publicity mainly for recruiting and also for pride in all of the tradition that Cowboy teams have created over the years. And what a bonus for OSU to have a player that the whole country has eyes on this season regardless of where he ends up in the draft. With all the bad luck that Boynton and the team has endured in the last few years they deserve this kind of visibility and attention.

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I took Gundy’s comment differently than the guys on the podcast did. When Gundy was praising the play of Dez Jackson he said that he wished he would have gone in for his 4th touchdown. I thought Gundy was saying that the kid played so well that he would have liked him to have 4 touchdowns to his name. I understood the comment in that kind of context. I would have to go back and listen to that part of the media conference to make sure of how it sounds when put in the proper context.