PFB Podcast Ep. 349: Breaking The U, Closing Out 2020

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Bring on 2021.

Best podcast of the year! Couldn’t agree more on the Gundy quote BB.
My guess is Gundy didn’t learn anything from watching that bowl and guarantee you will see the same offensive mistakes by the coaching staff next year. Gundy’s going to put that round peg in that square hole, win or lose. BTW it will be lose.

These two r boring I can listen that long. I see ar0 us a fan tells u alot.
I will say red zone is bad.which is weird when we had a 2 star qb in 2018 it was good. I know some r slow what’s the difference " sanders".
Sanders probably gives us the best up side, but he rite now has alot of down side. I know the line will be better. So I hope Sanders can grow this off season.
I have a question for all on 3rd and long do u want Sanders throwing.

I don’t know, I might go with the higher completion rate.

That’s weird that Sanders throw the same # and comp. Passes. Their numbers are really close. But sanders higher on pics. Then the numbers not on here running td and fumbles or red zone %
Corndog had 42 td in one yr. I’m going with the one that can score

They both like to take a sack for every touchdown.

So for about a handful of missed passes ur going with Sanders. Not that he threw 6 more pics and atleast that many fumbles and about 5 less rushing td 25 % worse td red zone u really dnt know football

You’re right I don’t know football because the one year Corndog actually played, it looks like he had more picks that year than Sanders has had in a season and sacks for that season were almost double Sanders sacks per season. I thought this was the worst offensive line Gundy’s ever had. So why was Corndog getting sacked so much? Surely he wasn’t having trouble going through his progressions.

This yr we were 72 in the red zone 11 in 2018
Td red the yr was under 50% the take shane out it go lower. 67% in 2018

U don’t even know how to use a stat page how many games Sanders play. Corndog could finish out a whole season not one season every 2 yrs. Corndog had 8 more td in less games less turnover

Well when it all goes down in history Sanders has finished 4th in the conference 2 years in a row while Corndog finished 9th.

Lmao ur funny when backed in a corner u scratch just like a lil gurl. U cant admit corndog is better then u thought

Gundy offense was good till Sanders became r qb

Good for 9th in the conference.

U are a lil baby cant win with the big boys. U have problems with reading adding following colum football basketball reality. Is there anything u actually know. They dnt teach much in norman