PFB Podcast Ep. 369: OSU Out of NCAA Tournament, Goodbye Cade

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Carson Cunningham and Colby Powell breakdown Oklahoma State’s loss to Oregon State, the officiating, Cade Cunningham’s legacy and more. You know what helps the show and helps us make more shows? When you rate us on Apple Podcasts or subscribe to our pod: Apple Podcasts | Google Play | Stitcher | SoundCloud | Overcast As always, we appreciate our sponsor Chris’ University Spirit. Pistols Firing · PFB Podcast Ep. 369: OSU Out of NCAA Tournament, Goodbye Cade

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On Ice - how much do you think his injuries played a role in this game? He might not have been hurt in this game, but I think his lack of playing time may have influenced him more than we think. He just didn’t look as crisp or as strong. That said, I have a hard time seeing him just being a role player going forward. The way he looked toward the end of the season two years ago vs. now is not the same, and I have to think his injuries are part of that. Give him a full offseason to recover and he’ll be better next year.

Wasn’t there talk about him potentially being a second round draft pick back then? Maybe this is just wishful thinking, but I really think his outside shooting can improve enough for him to be a key piece next year. He showed signs of improved shooting earlier in the season but was just de-railed by injuries. And his mono sickness was an unfortunate fluke.

I think it’s fair to criticize Boynton’s game plan and in-game decision making, a la Ka. Boone’s playing time and other issues. But what is in the water in Indianapolis to create such mayhem in the tournament this year? After watching Illinois and Florida lose earlier in the day, I was convinced no one was safe. While this was an unfortunate loss, there are a lot of teams reeling this week over more egregious losses. It probably has to do with the pandemic, lack of preparation, etc.

On the Bryce Williams “foul” - I agree that it looked way worse in real time than it actually was. Watching the replay it was all ball, but what caused the player to fall was the follow-through where Bryce did indeed clip his arm pretty hard. I would assume that would still be counted as a foul? I agree that it was not flagrant or malicious though.

I honestly did not think the officiating during the season was that bad. I have felt like previous years were worse. But this tournament game was nearly unwatchable.

Is it safe to say the PAC-12 was little underrated this year? Or have they simply overperformed in the tournament?

The pac 12 may have been underrated but it’s crazy how many big 12 and big 10 teams just got straight up embarrassed. Only 1 team from each of the two conferences after the seasons these teams had is crazy.

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I too think Ice is not as bad of a player as he has looked since coming back from injury. I attribute his poor shooting to injuries not fully healed. At least I hope that is the reason.
My question is, did OK State play that poorly or is Oregon State just that much more talented than the Cowboys are? Just from the first half I came away thinking it was a combination of both. The Beavers have better shooters, a real big man underneath the basket, better rebounding and obviously better 3 point shooters. Cowboys looked so bad because they played a much better team. The tournament upsets sure are making it seem that both Big 12 and Big 10 were overrated. Texas going down was really embarrassing. KU deserves to be humbled once in awhile. I don’t expect big results next season for the Cowboys unless they can get a transfer who is perimeter and 3 point shooter, and they also find a legit big man as center. The game has changed, if a team is down it is very hard to climb back if you can’t make 3 point shots. And if you play a team with 3 point shooters, it is easy for that team to get a big lead on you. That is why I think OSU is going nowhere without shooters. Harder and harder to drive into the paint for layups. And I don’t know what it is going to take, but this team really needs to learn how to make free throws. So I think there is a lot to improve with this team if the expectations are that they are going back to the tournament and it all depends on recruiting. Avery is going to be defended against much closer next season without Cade. We saw the same thing happen when Juwan Evans left and Jeffrey Carrol did not have the season that he had the year before when the teams were mainly guarding Evans which left Carrol open a lot.