PFB Podcast Ep. 396: Is The Big 12 in Trouble?

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Where does this leave OSU?

No need for panic. OSU has enough years to either help rebuild the Big 12 by bringing in a few quality teams or else relocating. I think it is time for OSU to step out of the Sooner’s shadow and shine in its own space. It’s possible that a few of the SEC teams realize they will never win any championships in that overloaded conference and maybe they want to jump ship and swim on over to the new Big 12? This is years away from happening but there really is not much else to talk about in sports at this time so this story line will be really hyped up now. As Jim Morrison prophetically sang decades ago, “we’re a world burning in its greed…” $100 million dollar contracts for professional athletes. College coaches as multimillionaires. It’s totally ridiculous. The love of the game has been replaced by the love of the money. George Steinbrenner started this B.S.

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With the kind of money the sec school who voted them in , wont want to leave.

That is my point. Greed is more important than the desire to win championships. Who cares how a college team performs if the revenue split is the bigger carrot? The lure of big money is sickening and ruining college sports.
Notre Dame needs to move all of their teams into the Big 12. Then one more good school and the Big 12 is saved. There are now so many colleges in Florida, one of them might be suitable for the Big 12. Plenty of time to recruit some schools who would love to be the next top banana in a decent conference.

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Why would the other power conferences feel the need to expand just because the SEC did considering that none of the other Big 12 schools have the same name recognition that OU and Texas has?

Its about volume the others have there blue bloods.

“Is The Big 12 in Trouble?”

Nope, everything is totally business as usual.

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