PFB Podcast Ep. 400: OSU Remains a Top 10 Program

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Fall camp impressions and why Mike Gundy’s program is Top 10 in the country.

Not a bad pod cast
When the went to under utilizing players they lost me.
They had jarwin. Which they forgot we had 3 cowboy back we used alot. Seales and sexton. If jarwin was the only one then I could see their point.
Carson was the other. Its hard to play a guy who is injured. Both years he got hurt. Also missing game in the nfl

Most of the takes by these 2 goofballs were with orange colored glasses. OSU is not a top 10 program over the last 10 yrs. Top 20 program with a few really nice seasons. Gundy ranked at 65 may a little low, but when his teams have high expectations they fall short. Losing Bedlam yr after yr hurts his ranking when other coaches in this league have managed to beat the Sooners. Carson, Jelanie Woods may get a look in the NFL, as a O line man, but it sure won’t be as a TE.

Gundy vs. Leach, Gundy went 3-2 both only winning at home. So Gundy didn’t own Leach.

Under utilized players, Tyreek Hill is unforgivable. Tyron Johnson possibly the best receiver on the field while here. Definitely looks better than Washington so far in the NFL. Jarwin was showing more talent while here but missed by the coaches.

The under use of players and the inability to to use the middle of the field and the drop in Bedlam might be the reason for 65 place.

U said we should have given as many touches as kc. We would had to cut this double in half.
Like I said jarwin had other cowboy back they we get over 60 catches each year jarwin was there.

Again Gundy can’t evaluate talent.

Thats ur take from me say the cowboy backs got more then 60 passes. That’s funny. Of course jarwin would not been allowed on Joey’s team being a walkon

One thing I do know is jarwin is happy to be a osu cowboy

Dallas Cowboy.

I’m sure that of the first things he did when he got his big contract was to give money to osu. He also.gave that scholarships to the walkon linemen.
Like usual ur feeble attempts at discord has been thorted by me.

What was the story last year? Something about how alumni wanted to come back and support the University but had no use for Gundy and didn’t feel supported by the staff.

Yea that’s why many still came back for homecoming as they do every year. Please just go be a sooner

What does that have to do with what I just rote. He was asked to give the scholarship and he gave money.

Alot of that has to do with the school dropping the ball. Gundy is the football coach. Don’t the homecoming committee… u being the homecoming queen u should get on that stuff.

Alot of that is over stated. Because gundy did talk with explayers. It’s one thing to want a winning coach fired. U show no empathy for any part of osu. When u act like a cowboy I will treat u as one.

Do read anything they put on here? Not the comments but the actual articles? "The alums feel they are forgotten the minute they leave. "
Brandon Weeden

And that’s all gundys fault? You do realize he has a team to coach holder who y’all all love and praise should be taking the blame for that. We should have people hired in the athletic department that stays in contact with alum

The articles I’ve read mentioned Gundy by name and none of them mentioned Holder or the athletic department. You may think it should be someone else but if Gundy is not on board 150% and if the alums don’t have free access. We have another problem with Gundy.

Gundy is busy holding the hand of 120 players.
Holder and the alumni should be get guys involved.
It’s weird when u talk to other players they say u just call him and he talks to u.
Weeden is on campus alot doing stuff. So weeden is on a power trip

U will find anything to cry about. Does saban spend all day talking with ex players. Make hotel reservations get them meals.
Cry cry cry u know what happens to lil gurls who cry wolf

Lol it’s not gundys job to coach football and recruit year around and then also make sure every alum is happy. That’s just flat out ridiculous idc if other coaches do it

@yo1 y’all are right we should all tell Brandon Weeden and Thurman Thomas to f off. Oh wait that is exactly what they are complaining about.

If those two see a problem, there’s a problem.