PFB Podcast Ep. 403: OSU's Case for the Pac-12

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How Oklahoma State can help the Pac-12.

Academics and cultural fit matter to the PAC 12. They won’t take OSU or most of the other B12 schools for this reason (Kansas, maybe). We can pretend this doesn’t matter, but it does. Their TV deal is below market because Larry Scott tried to go it alone with the PAC 12 network. He fought ESPN and the entire conference lost. You can’t even get the PAC 12 network on Direct TV, which most football fans have because of Sunday Ticket. Anyway, The new commissioner isn’t tied to the PAC 12 network and was brought in to fix tv distribution.

Also, as bad as the PAC 12 tv deal is, it’s about the same as the Big 12 tv deal (a little lower, but that’s with UT and OU value) and actually above the ACC deal. The pac 12 isn’t desperate or in any need to expand.

We need to focus on rebuilding the Big 12, or we’re destined to join the AAC. We should use the $150M exit fee from UT and OU to pay the $96M exit fees for four AAC schools to join.

Congrats Colby! Hope it goes well without complications.

Just my thoughts at this moment:

  1. I think PAC-12 expanding is a coin flip at this point. I do agree that OSU would add some value, but the question is are there any other schools that could do same to warrant expansion?
  2. If the PAC-12 were to expand, I think they’ll only add 2 teams. They’ll add a couple teams to get into the central time zone and will have 14 teams, the same as the BIG 10 and ACC, which for purposes of the proposed alliance will help to balance things out I think.
  3. If the PAC-12 were to expand, I think they’ll take OSU and a team from Texas. It’ll be either Houston, TCU, or Texas Tech.

Could I be wrong on all of this? Absolutely. I’m just guessing at this point. I’m like everyone on here. I just OSU to land in a power conference once all the dust settles. I hope I’m right.

Which one of those Texas teams would you prefer should it happen?

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@yo1 I really don’t have a preference if I had to be honest.

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I don’t know either , I almost wanna say Houston honestly

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I could see an argument for Houston: It’s a large college (50,000 students) in the 4th largest city in the country. If given the money resources and marquee opponents that come with being in a power conference, they could really build something.

I agree I just think that having them kind of helps us in recruiting there rather than hurting us as most believe, I might be totally wrong

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