PFB Podcast Ep. 404: Pac-12 Stands Pat, Big 12 Expansion

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Who should the Big 12 add?

If they decide to expand to 12, I think BYU, Cincy, and UCF are getting invites.
As for the fourth, I think they’ll go with Memphis over Houston.
It’s been reported that there is resistance to adding Houston due to the experience with their president when expansion was considered back in 2016.
Also, Memphis has something it could bring to the table: sponsorship. When the Big 12 was considering expansion 5 years ago, Fed Ex (headquartered in Memphis) vowed to sponsor a Big 12 championship game and other incentives to bolster there bid. Perhaps they would be willing to do that again. Given that TV revenue is going to take a hit, the Big 12 can use all the dollars it can get.
Guess we’ll find out soon enough.

Fed ex would be better then Joey’s idea of making dead donors happy.