PFB Podcast Ep. 465: How Long Will Mike Gundy Coach?

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On strength of the leagues and a discussion on how long Mike Gundy will coach at Oklahoma State.

What’s Iowa’s record against Iowa State compared to Gundy’s?

Trying to guess how OSU would do against SEC schools is a total unknown. I mean you can look back at how we have done in bowls but the main reason we don’t know is because Gundy has hid from competition for the last 7 years.

@CarsonCunningham I have to say this: every since you left KOCO, you have been rejuvenated and reborn as a podcaster. I love the F it attitude. Keep it up!

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I’ve done the research for ar1

Seven years 2015 - 2021
“What’s Iowa’s record against Iowa State compared to Gundy’s?” OSU v ISU 5-2; Iowa v ISU 6-0
In my opinion, not terribly different, but not sure of the claim being made.

“…because Gundy has hid from competition for the last 7 years.”
Seven years comparison to Alabama scheduling:

2015 - 2021 Alabama played 5 keynote nonconference games (Wisc, USC, FSU, Louisville, Miami). Regularly plays four noncon games per season. Beyond the 5 keynote games, they play the likes of Charleston Southern, Chattanooga, Ark State, Mercer, etc. Not much different than OK State once beyond the keynotes.

2015- 2021 OK State played 5 keynote noncon games (Boise St twice, Pitt twice, OR State once…2020 home game cancelled). One can make a legitimate argument in my opinion the Alabama keynotes are better brands than OSUs. Maybe not better teams at the time, but better brands. Not sure this supports the claim of hiding, tho.

Extra Credit for fun, but I understand these are not part of scheduling philosophy: Bowl games last seven years: OK State does well against name teams in bowl games, although only 1-2 against SEC.
Defeated ND, Miami, Missouri, VA Tech, Colorado. Losses to TX A&M, Ole Miss.

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You cannt talk to him. Weve told him matt has never beat iowa. Or Michigan has 3 wins this century against tosu.

Who is mercer? Why do we end up with higher sos then Alabama. They play 3 loser each year and not talking about vandy.

That sec football have everybody get bowls. Osu has to play everybody every year. So if a team is on a high you will see it. If they are low you will see. No hiding thur scheduling.

In the podcast, they talked like we would just dominate Iowa. Well I don’t see it. With the sec they talked like we only have trouble with 4 or 5 teams. Well I don’t see that either. Since Missouri left we are 1 and 1 with them and Texas A & M beat us the last time we met not to mention the 2 losses to Ole Miss. But if we could dominate teams in the sec why are we afraid to schedule them. If you go 8 or 9 years without scheduling a sec school or a blueblood,you are definitely hiding from competition.

We have scheduled at least 2 bb since joining the big 3.

So Clemson scheduling south carolina every year makes their schedule great.

The way you talk no bb in acc and 1 pac12( until 24) are doing fine.

Nebraska is the bb in the big10 east
Tennessee is the bb in sec east.

Your just all knowing jug.

Or does Bama fear the Cowboys? Alabama hasn’t scheduled the Cowboys since we beat them in 2006…that’s a long time they have avoided us. OK State finally shamed the Tide into playing again, later this decade, home and away.

Who should we fear? Maybe Georgia, although last time we played, we beat them. 2009. Zac to Dez. Pretty fun. Georgia is hiding. They’ve been too afraid to schedule us again.

That’s it. Georgia is afraid of us so they schedule Notre Dame and Clemson.

Maybe we could compete against the sec schools but from what I’ve seen the last 10 years with wins over Mississippi State and Missouri and losses to Missouri, Ole Miss and Texas A&M and and a losing record against Baylor and OU the last 10 years, we would need to start beating someone to convince me.

It’s the o’l Bill Schneider trick of the trade. Gundy has taken some things in coaching from coach.

You all do know that Gundy has little to say about who we play in non-conf games right? In fact the decisions are made by a committee of people. So really a lot of this discussion pointing to Gundy as the bad guy for our strength of schedule is like old men yelling at the clouds.

They run theses decisions by him.

Was actually hoping I woke to his resignation today but not so lucky. Good news tho, you don’t have to watch I will just tell you he will win more than he looses and will not win the big twelve. Just in case you didn’t want to watch a repeat of the last 11 years.

Lay off the drink you wont have those nightmares were qundy is gone

We also know, as reported by, that a source close to Gundy has said that "Mike has always wanted to be here (Oklahoma State), but I know he’s not very happy.”

The reasons for Gundy’s current discontent largely stem from his lack of veto power in nonconference scheduling.

Gundy seems to want to schedule cupcakes, while Holder is trying to get teams like Mississippi State (2013 opener) and Florida State (possible 2013 game). Bleacher Report Dec. 9 2012

Obviously Gundy got his veto power and still can’t win the conference while playing his cupcakes.