PFB Podcast Ep. 472: Sanders Shines vs. Central Michigan

Originally published at: PFB Podcast Ep. 472: Sanders Shines vs. Central Michigan | Pistols Firing

On Sanders’ standout performance and other games around the country.

Enjoy listening to your podcasts. The thing about this OSU team that intrigues me the most is how the fast pace offense will complement a defense that looked shaky in week 1. This defense needs to be evaluated by yards per play and points per possession the way our offense is scoring so quickly. This style is fun to watch, but I worry the team we had last year was better suited to compete in the big games.

This Arizona State game makes me a little nervous. The point spread was not what I expected.

I rank the conferences like this:

#1 SEC
#2 Big 10
#3 Big 12
#4 ACC
#5 Pac 12

For me I consider the Big 10 the second best conference because they have the powerhouse that is Ohio State. Oklahoma’s struggles on the big stage hasn’t helped the perception of our league, not to mention the worst power 5 team is in the Big 12. Comparing the leagues top to bottom makes for a good discussion. The big 10 isn’t as fun to watch, but in my opinion they have a better conference.