PFB Podcast Ep. 496: OSU Finishes 7-5, Previewing the Offseason

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Recapping West Virginia and discussing the future of OSU football.

Oh boy is Robert going to be fuming when he listens to this.

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I dnt listen to them guys best way to lose an hour of my life

Trust me pal I don’t think you have anything better to do.

Listened to some of it. Will catch the rest later. Robert won’t listen because I think he knows the reality and limitation of the program and just doesn’t want to hear anything that isn’t just pro-Gundy/pro-Dunn….but the sad reality is that we sucked for at least 5 games on the offensive side of the ball and that’s the side that Mike is supposed to excel at. He doesn’t want to hear that because he lives in fairytale land where everything is just peachy keen within the program when the real ones know it’s not.

Lol yea really was just like you yahoo. I listen to enough.

Look there just like 90 % of the fans. There reactionary.

I listen a few times before. And not once did they metuon this stuff. I remember jug post one about there drink the orange cool aid. That tells you their yahoos. Serious not yahoos yoyo.

Mr yoyo himself i remember last year how pissed you were after a close win then you drank orange cool aid for the next year. Im sure not taking football advise from a Flippin fan like you.

What am I missing with this Robert person? Is this the guy who posted below? I just assumed you were talking about Robert Allen :joy:

@CarsonCunningham you really don’t want to find out, it’ll drop your IQ a good number of points LOL. Typical forum discussions if you know what I mean. Great podcast today BTW, While I don’t always agree I really enjoy hearing you all’s take on things. But to answer your question they are referring to robert28 and not Robert Allen


Yep. Robert28 is an interesting guy to say the least.

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The only thing that changed from the beginning of the year to the end of the year was the fact that we lost numerous starters and important backups to injury. The coaches didn’t change!! Carson was over the top on how great this team was in the first half of the season and it was embarrassing to listen to his nonsense. We were a top 15 to 20 team at best in the first half and not in the last half of the season. Period. I remember earlier in the year when they were over the top put off by the guy in Lubbock that didn’t rank OSU in the top 10. He was correct about the big 12.

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I dnt know what alot of guys that this team was. I had us at 9 wins. I said these giys were drink the orange cool aid and now drop them like a hot potato.
If others dnt want to see the injuries hirt that ok. My main disappointment was rangel jump gundy. He was hurt after the ku game.