PFB Podcast Ep. 497: A Crazy Portal Monday

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On a crazy Monday for college football and the OSU Cowboys.

Ohhh crap here we go lol

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yea listened to half of the pod. Sounds like we need to let nineteen year olds steer the program and that twitter is the ultimate source of what the real problems are with coaches at OSU. Again more inmates running the asylum stuff. Love the pod cast but don’t agree with much of what was said in this episode. Peace!!

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Man Roberto won’t like Colby’s quote about how you can be loyal and true without blindly supporting crap coaching. Also the quote about KState, Baylor, and TCU winning and competing for titles more frequently and OSU has not done enough.

Sure you can criticize the coaching and still be loyal and true. Claiming that we need to cater to every players complaint/need, even if they are Braylin Presley, is complete stupidly.

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Jelani Woods has had one true “breakout” game in the NFL and another good game. He’s also had 10 games with no receptions, some due to the injury bug coming up for him again as it did at OSU. We converted him from a QB, so we didn’t immediately start slinging the ball to him 20 times a game after he went to TE. Had he stayed healthy he would have probably had a lot more touches if he had stayed at OSU another season.

We also don’t know just how good Tyreek Hill would have been at OSU; he only had one season after transferring in from junior college. Again, I think he would have been used much more the next season if he had not been dismissed from the team, and rightfully so.

I think both of you overstate the case on these two.