PFB Predictions for OSU-Kansas State

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The Pistol Firing staff previews OSU’s trip to Manhattan.

OSU 35 K-State 21
Turnovers keep them in it but we out talent them.

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Awfully big wins predicted for being on the road vs a 4-1 conference team, starting qb or not.

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42-17 OSU. Sanders is going to pop off and everyone will lose their minds thinking he’s finally arrived and then when we go to Norman he’s going to make those same bad decisions and the athletes at OU will be able to take advantage of it and we’ll get beat.

K State back up qb’s never have luck against a Gundy team.

Kansas State pretty much has no offense, but apparently neither does OSU (turnovers).

I think this one is going to be closer than most of you think it will be.

OSU 27 K State 20

42 to 21 I’m allow for a none off td.

None off td’s are only worth 4 points.

I guess ksu off will need to score 17

I guess ksu off will need to score 17 then. I sure thought all td were worth 7. Or is that ou math?

Regular td’s are worth 6 then you can kick an extra point but none off td’s are worth 4. It’s kind of like last minute loses against Central Michigan, they just don’t count the same.

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Prediction comments ar1. U have a score or has tramel not given his out yet?

Wallace will be a decoy this weekend.
Osu will rush more then 50 times.

I see it as a very close game. They average 31 points per game while we average 29 points per game. They have a back up QB, but Gundy has a lot of trouble winning against a back up qb. With a guaranteed loss against OU and because earlier I said he would lose 2 out of Texas, K State and OU then lose 1 of Texas Tech, TCU and Baylor. I’ll go with the pokes 27-24.

Those are new back ups. Howard is going into his 4th game, no secrets. If he doesn’t turn into bishop. Throw 350 in 8 pass we should be fine. Howard is averaging 17 a game. St will need to show up. Stop there rb.

Gundy’s not picky, he can make them all look like Heisman candidates.

U do know the president job is open in July. If u apply u could take care of ur Gundy problems.

I couldn’t deal with the pay cut.

No pain no gain
If ur not going to take personal responsibility for ending Gundy’s run, then u have nothing to gripe about.:thinking::shushing_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::money_mouth_face:

They just got ran off the field before halftime against West Virginia with that backup QB.