PFB Predictions for OSU-Kansas State

I’m starting to believe you two get off to OSU losing. OSU will go 8-2 at the least.

I my guess is you chose 8-2 because you don’t expect to beat OU?

What I’ve predicted would be the best record since 2017. As a fan, we better all like losing cause Gundy ain’t ever going undefeated (2011).

When was the last big 12 school to go undefeated thur the whole yr.

OU went undefeated in the conference in 2016.

That’s not what was asked. Or, what u implied in ur other post. But, I knew u would get ou in there some how. The whole yr.

But isn’t it nice to know that it can be done even though Gundy never will? Since you believe that I’m so negative, when do you think Gundy will win his second conference title? Or are you one of fans who is just happy with going to a bowl and never believe it could be better?

U didnt answer the question. Yes I would want more, but unlike u I don’t try and lie or be unrealistic. U guys are good at facts. Gundy has been a coach or play in over 200 osu wins. All but 1 10 wins season 2nd in win % ( only to papa in the 30’s). Has as many championships since the 40’s. The stuff u point plaques all big 12 schools. I know ur just an ou troll but there r few others who believes ur rants.

There mite be a handful of coach out there that can do want some want. There not coming to Stillwater. More an likely we trade Gundy for a Simmons, Blake, prince, or strong, kingsbury any ku coach.

Name an easier road to success than coming to OSU as a coach. They are willing to pay in the top 10 of the nation for a coaches salary with zero expectations. You can recruit down in the 40’s . You can schedule as weak of a non- conference schedule as possible. You already have the worst power 5 team ever on your schedule. Over all the bottom half of the conference has been extremely weak the last 15 years. Do you realize that there has been only one year that at least 3 teams in the conference had overall losing records. That means with weak non-conference you should be guaranteed 6 wins with a average team. 1 of the 2 blue bloods in the conference has had the biggest decline in school history. You’ve had more money thrown at the program than any time in history.

Are we really competitive in conference? How come everyone except Kansas has as many or more wins against OU?

Ok well that fits for all the 10 schools. So name a Easier place well I named ten in r conference alone. U always see one side of square box. And actually out of the 10 I would think Stillwater makes it a toughest place. Keep thinking . I know u didnt directly say ou but u got the blue blood in. All ur post r downer about Gundy. More then half have ou in it.

“At the least”.

Ou is the only team in the conference with a winning record against OSU this decade. Also the only team in the conference without a losing record to anyone else. People are so fixated on OSU constantly losing to OU that they ignore the fact that everyone else constantly loses to OU too.

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6 National Championship winning teams have went undefeated for the season over the past 15 years. Alabama, the most dominant college football program in the United States, has done it one single time. Going undefeated isn’t like learning how to ride a bike, bud. It’s extremely, extremely, extremely hard to do. But if you want to shame Gundy for not being able to do it at the 74th most profitable school in the country, be my guest I guess.

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Sure everyone has trouble with OU but in the last 15 years Texas won 7 Texas Tech won 4 K State won 4 Baylor won 3 . TCU and Iowa State have both won 2 and have played them less than us ,heck West Virginia’s won 1 and hasn’t played but 9 times.
6 out of the 8 teams have a better winning percentage against OU than Gundy. It’s that simple.
Maybe this will help. OU has more wins against Gundy in the last 15 years than against Kansas.

Why is it that Tech has beaten OU 4 times this decade but they’ve only beaten us twice? Why has Kansas state only been able to beat us 4 times if they’ve beaten Ou 4 times? Does that make us better than OU? No. It’s just matchups. OU always gets up for OSU. OSU has an OU problem, sure. That still doesn’t change the fact that they’ve been the 2nd best (maybe 3rd best behind Baylor) team in the league over the past decade+. OU is just miles ahead of everyone.

2nd best maybe 3rd averages 4th in the conference over the last 10 years.

Is everyone feeling good about the game so far?

I knew this would happen. I told them it’s a game where we see OSU barely win or barely lose. Spencer Sanders can’t seem to throw it to anyone but Tylan Wallace (who isn’t playing).

That offense sure does look crisp so far (2 punts) against an opposing defense that gave up 37 points to a team that has not offensive line and no QB (West Virginia).

I can’t say I’m surprised though. They always do this and K State just wants the game more. I don’t know how Arkansas State can get a win in Manhattan, but for whatever reason it is OSU seems like they can’t handle it.