PFB Predictions for OSU-Texas

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OSU’s biggest test to date comes Saturday afternoon in Stilly.

OSU 30 Texas 27

That’s what I was gonna say. 30-27 pokes.

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28 - 21 pokes

Spencer blows it again similar to the Texas Tech game and Gundy won’t replace him. Texas 27 OSU 14.

Ou had 3 first half turnovers alone and Texas could only muster 17 first half points on OU’s fairly weak defense off of it. It took them 4 quarters, 4 turnovers by OU, and 4 overtime’s to put up 45 points on OU, who is not near as capable as OSU is defensively. They’d have to play exponentially better against us offensively and we’d have to be very unsound defensively for Texas to put up anything over the mid 30s. Defensively, Texas has played 3 offenses that know how to complete a pass and in those 3 games they’ve given up 33, 53, and 56…

I agree that if osu starts giving the ball away over and over they’ll be in trouble, but I think Texas is far less sound than these predictions make them out to be. Iowa state was a little less potent than Texas is offensively, but they are much better than Texas defensively and definitely more sound and smart as a football team than Texas. I think as long as OSU has their head in the game it should be an easier one to win than the ISU game was. 38-24 pokes.

I think turnover battle determines the game. If we take care of the ball I think we stay in the drivers seat the whole game, but if we turn it over and let them stay in the game we could be in trouble. I say Sanders has 2 more picks, Texas 45 OSU 38

I look at it this way- comparing advantages:

QB- Texas
OLine- you’d think Texas but they can’t run outside of Ellinger scrambles so OSU
DLine- OSU
Safeties- OSU
Kicker- OSU

If they lose this game it would be a big blunder on Gundy/Dunn/Knowles

I do think Texas is going to be ready to play, they’ve had 2 weeks to prepare for us and lost a game to OU they probably should’ve won. I think OSU can definitely win but I believe Texas is going to play their best game all season.

He put up 24 (should have been 31 if not for Tylan’s penalties) and 481 yards on the 2nd best defense in the league. What makes you think he’ll only be able to put up 14 on Texas’s garbage can of a defense? Tech, OU, and TCU put up an average of over 47 points on Texas. There is a 0.0001% chance OSU only scores 14.

If Texas plays their best game we’d be in trouble I agree, but I’d argue they had no business being close to OU. The Sooners were up 14 with the ball with 5 minutes left and then pulled a traditional sooner choke job and found a new exciting way to blow another lead again. I think OSU comes out ready to play too, and if it’s Texas’ best vs OSU’s best Texas is in trouble. We’ve looked good every week but the Tulsa game, but they still have a bunch to improve on. It will all come together at some point, and I don’t think anyone wants to be in OSU’s way when it does.

So far OSU offense barely gets it done. Dunn has not been impressive at all. Texas weakness is over the middle but OSU hasn’t proven they can play over the middle.

They didn’t throw over the middle with Shane, and the “Our Time” documentary explains why that is. With Sanders, half of their passing yards and their only passing TD was over the middle. I think you’ll be surprised how different this offense becomes with Sanders than it was without him.

So the over/under on interceptions for Spencer Sanders is 2.

Which one are you taking?

I tend to agree. Texas can’t defend a pass to save their life. The best defender they have is an edge rusher if I’m not mistaken. That’s why if Gundy runs the ball more then 50 times in this game and we only get 150 yards out of it I’m gonna be pissed!!! Especially if we lose.

Their strength defensively is stopping the run. He needs to let SS throw the rock and not be super afraid of an interception or two. Would be smart to use Tylan Wallace against them instead of running Hubbard through a brick wall.

I agree. I think last year that had a lot to do with it being sanders first big test ever, plus Chuba was going nuts before that game. Not to defend Gundy or anything because that game was super frustrating, but I think he’s in a different mindset this year. He knows sanders will still make some mistakes but he’s mature enough to handle the load. I still think Gundy runs quite a bit just so the defense isn’t out there all day long, but I don’t think it’ll be as plain and predictable as it was last year. I’d guess you see sanders throw it somewhere between 25-30 times and hubbard run it around 20-25 times if I had to guess, a lot like the ISU game.

Even in the Tulsa game we looked good as long as Bullock was not in at QB. Put Shane in initially instead of Bullock and that win is much bigger.

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Mostly agree but we might see some more shots downfield because the Texas DB’s are not good.

Sanders threw 33 passes last yr. Our defense had not jelled yet also. This game still cames down to qb play. I keep hear u guys talk up Sanders, let’s see it. Sanders needs to improve on red zone. 1 td in 4 red zone. I know Gundy’s fault, before u say. At some point sanders has to take over. I hear about Sanders running ability, corndog had ten rushing td.

There was a day when UT was tough - Nobis, Campbell, Sims, etc. – but nowadays the roster seems like a bunch of wannabe Austin hippies. (No offense to hippies.)


Pokes 42, 'Horns 14