PFB Predictions for OSU-Texas

At the end of the day Gundy and the coaching staff are responsible for finding the best ways to score touchdowns in the red zone instead of field goals. If they can’t figure out what formations or offensive strategies need to be used in the red zone with Sanders in at QB then they’ll never figure it out.

Since Sanders tends to be a better runner than pure passer I would imagine designing more QB run plays in the red zone with Woods being a receiving option in the end zone due to his size. The last time the Pokes scored a touchdown in the red zone it was Sanders coming around the corner for a touchdown.

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That is a good play but this ain’t the 80’s we’re not ou or nu run whisbone ever play. Sanders has 13 fg and 18 td
Compare corndog 11 fg yea rite high 42 td. Sure sanders down 3or 4 games but even a none math person can work it out. Even a no good 2 star can do 80 %.
Sanders still eye balling his reciever from the snap also. At least count to 1, there still going to be there.

Gundy has forgot how to coach since 2018. We run through stat go back and about plays. If Hubbard doesn’t break tacklesor Wallace wins toss up balls, they won’t be great. Sanders needs to step up and make plays. U can go around and say they not open up the play book. There is a reason, its Sanders. I don’t hate Sanders but this team goes as Sanders goes not Gundy. This is got to be the best coach team Gundy’s ever had.

Yep. It’s much harder to go deep against a 3-3-5 than it is to go deep against a 4-3-4. It may be a little tougher to run if you’re sanders, but he should have a bunch of lanes in the passing game to work with.

All of this is right. They need to use Woods more in the redzone. How can an OSU team not throw the ball to a guy with the last name woods??

Also, sanders ran the same QB keep play around right end twice and both went for TDs. Unfortunately Wallace had a pointless holding call that pulled one of those back. I want to see more of that.

One thing about texas they al want this win. With rite time miss direction plays will kill them, they have no discipline.

I don’t know. I just feel like over the past couple of seasons it’s like the OSU offense does great on a drive and all of a sudden when they get to the red zone it’s like they don’t know what should happen.

I mean… we’re 4 games into the season and this team has already kicked 10 field goals? It’s like the offense becomes very bland, predictable, and very sloppy in the red zone. Target Jelani Woods more in the red zone and be a little creative.

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No you try something on 1st down, you try something else on 2nd down then you use 3rd down to set up your kicker.
Which amounts to 3 runs up the middle.

So what your saying is:

  1. Run left
  2. Run right
  3. Run up the middle
  4. Then pray the kicker doesn’t miss a 40 yarder or longer

Where most coaches want to score touchdowns it seems like our coaching staff is satisfied with three points or pinning the other team deep. Who needs touchdowns, right?

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