PFB Predictions: Our Expectations for OSU-Texas Tech

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Can the Cowboys bounce back for Senior Day against the Red Raiders?

This is a real question: would a loss on senior day at home to the 9th placed team in the conference turn up the heat on Gundy considering last week’s annual embarrassment? Tech 35-Pokes 28. Hope I’m wrong. GO POKES! Avoid the Raider Rash!

Tech 27 OSU 24

I think this team is demoralized right now and the HC doesn’t seem to have any aspirations of winning any longer.

I’ll go 28-24 OSU but I wouldn’t be surprised if they lost. I’m kinda ready for this season to be over with.

Yea I don’t see this team winning another game all season. The offense is horrid.

According to his contract details it doesn’t end until December 31, 2021. So I have a feeling he could probably lose the rest of the season and still be guaranteed one more season under his contract details.

Gundy is being offered several monetary incentives over the term of his deal pending team performance. Appear in a non-New Year’s Six bowl game: 1.5-month’s salary. Appear in a New Year’s Six bowl game: $125,000. Win a conference championship game or reach College Football Playoff semifinal: $150,000. Appear in the CFP national title game: $350,000. Win the CFP national title game: $750,000.

Even if the AD wanted to get rid of him I don’t see them paying out on it. I believe he would be owed 3 million if he were terminated before the contract ends. I’m thinking it would have to go back to the Pat Jones years where OSU is 0-10-1 before anything major sets to happen. Which based on the regression I’ve seen it looks like we could head towards that direction again with his “It’s better to lose than to change” mentality he’s developed.

Oregon State can beat Oregon but Gundy can’t beat OU. Good thing we didn’t play Oregon State this year. Second, Texas Tech can score so my prediction. 24-17 Tech.