PFB+ Q&A: Jalen Marshall Talks OSU Visit, Commitment Timetable

Among the swarm of Oklahoma State commits who visited Stillwater this past week, there were a handful of uncommitted prospects -- like Jalen Marshall.

Marshall is a 6-foot-6, 275-pound defensive tackle from Overland Park, Kansas. He is a three-star prospect, ranked 708th in his class, making him the No. 4 player from Kansas.

I spoke with him on Saturday afternoon to recap his visit, his family connection to OSU and his timetable for a commitment.

Marshall Scott: "I guess just to start, what were some of your biggest takeaways from your visit in Stillwater?"

Jalen Marshall: "I feel like I have a connection to Stillwater because my dad was a walk-on there. It was cool. He was like, 'Yeah, I stayed in those dorms right.' It's a cool connection thing that I like."

MS: "Oh, that's cool. When did you Dad play here?"

JM: "He only played for one year, but his Karl Marshall. I'm pretty sure he graduated in 1994."

MS: "That's awesome. I didn't know that.

"You were there with a lot of OSU commits. How much were they recruiting you during your visit?"

JM: "Yeah, Landon Dean was on me about it mostly. It was it was all cool."

MS: "You and Landon both being from Kansas, do you guys know each other?

JM: "No, that was our first time meeting, but we got each other's numbers and stuff. We're going to stay in contact for sure."

MS: "It was a big visit weekend for Oklahoma State, what was it like getting to know all those guys you were on a visit with?"

JM: "Oklahoma State did a good job of making sure the recruits had a lot of opportunities to spend time with each other. We all went swimming at Coach Gundy's house. Then after we went bowling. Then we went to get ice cream. I got to meet all of them, and it was cool."

MS: You had already visited Nebraska, what were some of the differences between those visits?

JM: "I feel like Lincoln's more like a bigger town. Stillwater, it's more of a smaller town. Oklahoma State would be good to like put your head down and focus on football and just keep grinding. I like that about Oklahoma State."

MS: "So you've been to Nebraska, you've been to Oklahoma State and I believe you have a visit to Indiana scheduled, are those the three schools you're most closely looking at or are there others?"

JM: "Yeah, those are the schools I'm focusing on the most right now. I might do some other visits, but I don't really know yet."

MS: "Do you have a timetable on when you would like to have a decision made by?"

JM: "Yeah, I'm planning on committing before my senior season, so maybe August."