PFB+ Q&A: Jordan Crook Talks Official Visit, Feeling at Home

Jordan Crook is one of only a few 2022 Oklahoma State commits who got to visit Stillwater before the shutdown, but he made a return trip to Stilly this past week on an official basis.

Crook took an official visit alongside a healthy chunk of OSU's Class of 2022 commits. I was able to speak with him Sunday about the visit and what he'll bring to Stillwater.

Marshall Scott: "What was your biggest takeaway from from the visit?"

Jordan Crook: "Just the family atmosphere. I feel like that was my biggest takeaway."

MS: "What was your favorite part of the visit? I saw that you guys did a lot of different things. What did you enjoy?"

JC: "Honestly, I thought the pool party at Coach Gundy's house was pretty cool. Being able to just bond with some of my future teammates, I thought that was my favorite part of the visit, honestly."

MS: "That kind of leads into my next question. You've been committed since March, I imagine you guys have all been talking in group chats and Snapchat and stuff since then. What was it like to finally get to hang around those guys?"

JC: "It was definitely a cool deal. Honestly, it didn't feel like everybody was strangers, being that we've talked for so long since before visiting. It was a good experience."

MS: "What are the personalities like in that group? Are there any jokesters?"

JC: "Not yet, not that I can identify yet. At first, everybody was keeping kind of to their selves, but as the as the weekend went on, everybody kind of opened up a bit, and we had some fun."

MS: "You were one of the few that had actually gotten to visit before, what were the differences in this visit in the one you took a few years ago?"

JC: "Not much, honestly. It's a great place to be. I've seen everything I needed to see a long time ago. It wasn't much different. I felt at home."

MS: "This is the first time we've had the chance to talk, what kind of what kind of stood out about Oklahoma State as a place that you wanted to commit to?"

JC: "Their defense and the coaches is what stood out, honestly. And their consistency in recruiting me, that also stood out, and that played a big part."

MS: "What do you mean by consistency?"

JC: "Consistency as in like during the process over the years, just staying consistent and also when I did commit not letting up. Just steadily building a relationship and calling every day and getting in those Zoom calls, going over plays and stuff like that. Talking to Coach Gundy weekly, that type of deal. Talking to Coach Knowles and stuff like that."

MS: "There's another linebacker commit in Gabe Brown, what was it like hanging out with him? I saw some pictures of you guys together."

JC: "Gabe's definitely a cool dude. He keeps to himself. He seems like he's about his business. I see some similarities in us, and I think that'll work hand-in-hand, honestly."

MS: "What are Oklahoma State fans getting with Jordan Crook?"

JC: "They're getting a versatile linebacker who can do it all and who is coming to play right away and make an impact instantly."