PFB+ Q&A: New Oklahoma State Commit Jamyron Keller Talks OSU's Coaching Staff, Recruiting Teammates and More

Mike Boynton and Co. added the second piece to the Cowboys' 2022 recruiting class Sunday night when Jamyron Keller pledged to the Pokes over offers from Kansas State, SMU, Saint Louis and others.

The No. 159 player in the 2023 class, according to the composite rankings, Keller talked with PFB this past week to discuss his commitment to OSU, the Cowboys' staff and who from his AAU team he has started recruiting to join him in Stillwater.

PFB: Why Oklahoma State?

Jamyron Keller: "Where do I start? The coaching staff was really transparent throughout the whole process. The campus-feel, the players, the opportunity there for me, the conference -- it was kind of like utopia when I went. Everything felt good and felt like I had a purpose there. So, it was a really easy decision."

PFB: What do you like about the coaching staff?

Keller: "Usually when you talk to coaches and they want you to come, they try to make it seem like something it's not. The Oklahoma State coaches just kept it so real. Coach Rench [Terrence Rencher], Coach Boynton, everybody just kept me so real. It wasn't like they were trying to sugarcoat anything. They were telling me how it was and how it was gonna be from Day 1."

PFB: How did you tell them you were committing?

Keller: "So I actually made the decision at Peach. So we were down there. There was about like two or three days left, and I was just like, I thought that was the best decision for me. I called Coach Rencher first, I think, and I told him because Coach Boynton was, I think he was traveling. He was on a plane. So I waited for him to land, and when he texted me that he landed, I called him and told him. It was kind of like a little celebration."

PFB: A lot of recruits have spoken highly about Coach Rencher. What about him in particular stands out?

Keller: "It's just his vibe. He's easy to talk to. He's gonna constantly check up on you without overdoing it and without it kind of feel like he's harassing you or anything. He's a cool guy. And like I said, he kept it so transparent. I asked him what my role would be. He was just saying, like, 'You're gonna have to come in and earn it.' That's the type of stuff you want to hear when you're trying to make it to the next level. You got to earn it. I didn't want anything handed to me. What he said to me, he was just so easy to talk to. That's what I like about Coach Rench."

PFB: When we talked after your visit, you said you didn't want to rush an emotional decision. So, when did you know Oklahoma State was the place for you?

Keller: "After the visit, it kind of never left my mind. It was like, 'OK, a week has passed. Wow, Oklahoma State was really cool.' It wasn't off of emotion anymore. It was like, 'OK, my heart is set on this place.' And when we got to Peach, it was just like, they were at every game. They were constantly texting me, giving me reviews on how they thought I played. It was just like, 'OK, it's a no-brainer now. We got to take this opportunity.'"

PFB: Do you turn into a recruiter now? There are some other guys on that Drive Nation team with OSU offers?

Keller: "Yeah, I have. I actually talked to Mr. McBride, -- Justin McBride on my team. He received that offer while we were down there, and I was just telling him how great the coaches were and how great the facilities were."

PFB: What kind of player is Oklahoma State getting in Jamyron Keller?

Keller: "A player who can do a little bit of everything. I feel like I'm the type of guy, like I'm just gonna fill in what the team needs -- whether it be a point guard, whether I have to go get one off the dribble, I have to facilitate. I feel like I'm gonna be that missing piece."