PFB+ Q&A: OSU Quarterback Commit Garret Rangel Talks Official Visit

After committing site unseen in February, Garret Rangel spent much of last week in Stillwater for Oklahoma State's passing camp and his official visit.

A 6-foot-2, 170-pound quarterback from Frisco Lone Star, Rangel is the No. 522 player in the 2022 class, making him the No. 34 QB in the cycle. I was able to chat with him Tuesday morning about his visit, the Gundy pool party and who he thinks could be the next domino to fall in the Cowboys' class.

Marshall Scott: "What was your big take away from the visit?"

Garret Rangel: "I had a lot of fun. I think the biggest thing for me is that I knew the decision I made was the right one. All the coaches were so welcoming. When they say it's like a family, it really is truly a family. I think that's why my parents and I were so impressed, and we had a great time."

MS: "You came up for the spring game, but I imagine getting to spend more time at a place you've been committed to without getting the chance to see too much was a welcomed experience?"

GR: "I saw everything at the spring game, but it wasn't in depth, if you know what I mean. When we were going around and everything like that, it was cool. I think the biggest thing was when you sit in the stands of the stadium, it doesn't seem too big, but when you step on the field, everything seems so huge."

MS: "I'm sure you've been in group chats with all your fellow commits, but what was it like finally being able to be around those guys?"

GR: "It was good. I think the biggest thing was no one was really awkward around each other like you would expect. When we all got there everyone was talking and stuff, and we just all felt at home."

MS: "There were also a couple of uncommitted guys visiting with you, how much were you and the other guys trying to recruit those guys?"

GR: "Oh, big time. We were chatting in their ears, but we also like don't want to like ruin their experience by talking to them the whole time, stuff like that. We let them enjoy the visit and let them see for themselves what OK State was really like."

MS: "Did you get to talk to any of the current OSU players while you were there?"

GR: "My hosts were Blaine and Bryson Green and JP Richardson, and they were really cool guys. It was a blessing hang out with them."

MS: "I've heard a lot about this Gundy pool party in talking to some of the guys. Can you kind of take me through that experience? Did you always know that was on the schedule?"

GR: "I heard about it. My parents told me about it, but I thought they were joking with me because I didn't think he would actually take all the recruits to his house, but it was fun, man. It was a big pool big. They had really great food there, and it was just cool talking to all the other recruits and parents and families and stuff like that."

MS: "Mason Gilkey, he's from a small town in Oklahoma, what was it like hanging out with him?"

GR: "It was cool. Me and Mason got, actually, really close over the official visit because his host was Bryson Green, and mine was Blaine Green. So, it was just all four of us, and JP, just hanging out."

MS: "Frisco is a big city, and Pawhuska is a tiny little town, what did you guys have in common?"

GR: "It was fun. We did a lot of stuff. We went fishing, bowling, and I think it didn't really matter where we were from. That's what I was saying about the family I aspect, everyone's kind of just connected really well with each other."

MS: "You were at the camp before the visit, what was that experience like?"

GR: "I was really nervous, to be honest with you. I was really nervous because all the eyes are on you because like no one's really see me throw in person. They've just seen me on film. I was nervous at first. I didn't really miss any throws, but I just kind of went out there and did my thing."

MS: "Was there almost more pressure on you being the kid who was committed Oklahoma State among all those quarterbacks?"

GR: "Oh yeah for sure because you have these other quarterbacks going in there, some of them don't have offers, some of them do have offers, but I was the only one that was committed. Everyone's kind of looking at you like, 'OK, who's this next guy coming in?' I had to go in there and put my head down and work."

MS: "What does the rest of your summer look like?"

GR: "Just working out, hanging with some of the guys up here. There might be some other camps with Lone Star that I'll do, but nothing else. I'm not going to go visit anywhere else. I'm not going to do any of that stuff. I'll just be chilling at home with my family."

MS: "Are there any guys who you are trying to recruit to add to the class?"

GR: "I think our biggest guy right now is Brenen Thompson. He's really stinking good. He's really fast. It's him and some offensive lineman we're trying to get from Westlake [Bray Lynch]."