PFB+: Q&A with 2022 Quarterback Commit Garret Rangel

Q&A courtesy of the legend @marshall:

The Cowboys picked up their first high school quarterback commitment since Shane Illingworth on Friday.

Garret Rangel pledged to the Pokes, becoming the seventh commit in OSU's young 2022 class. Rangel has actually been committed to the Cowboys for a few weeks just silently. He talked with PFB on Jan. 27 about his commitment.

Marshall Scott: The obvious question to start is why Oklahoma State?

Garret Rangel: "For me, it was the culture and environment. I took a virtual visit, my family and I took a virtual visit like two weeks ago, and the whole staff was on there. The whole coaching staff was on there. The way they showed my parents and me so much love, it was a blessing. I think that was the biggest thing for me was just the cultural environment. It has what I need academically and athletically, and I feel like it fits my personality really well. That's why I went with Oklahoma State."

MS: You mentioned the virtual visit, so you haven't been able to make it up to campus physically yet?

GR: "No because of all the COVID rules and stuff like that."

MS: You also talked about academics, yesterday you told me you were doing SAT prep, I see that you've got a high grade-point average, what is it that you're looking to do academically?

GR: "I want to major in broadcasting, be in front of the camera and stuff like that. Honestly, for SAT stuff, I just want to get a good grade for like an ego-booster, pretty much."

MS: You'll be the first guy quarterback coach Tim Rattay has brought in with them not taking a 2021 guy. What is he like as a recruiter and what's your relationship with him like?

GR: "Me and Coach Rattay are very close. We pretty much talk, not every day, but we talk on the phone every week or sometimes we'll text quite often. He's very cool. I like him a lot. He's one of the best quarterback coaches in the country. I think that was a big part of my decision.

"My goal is to make it to the NFL, and with him playing in the NFL for so long and with him teaching me, I think it's a really big plus and a really good sign."

MS: I think he offered you in late April, how long had Oklahoma State been in touch with you or was that offer your first interaction with him?

GR: "My first interaction with him, I think we were in the indoor, we were having a throwing session and all these schools came in, in like early January of last year. I think that's when I first met Coach Rattay."

MS: What was your first interaction with Coach Gundy like?

GR: "It was very funny. He's a very funny guy. He's very easy-going. It was pretty funny. I can't remember exactly what happened, I just know something funny happened. He was super easy to talk to, though, which made everything so much more easy."

MS: The timing of when recruits commit is always interesting. Why now? Why heading into the spring of your junior year?

GR: "It's just such a great opportunity right now because they haven't taken a '21 yet, a 2021 guy. No other 2022 (quarterback) has committed. Oklahoma State has everything I want in a school. I was like, why wait on the opportunity if it's everything I want? Say another kid commits, then there goes that and I gotta go plan B. It's like, let's just go now. My family and I took the time on the decision, and we are really happy with it."

MS: You were obviously teammates with 2021 signee Jaden Nixon, did he do much in recruiting you or did he let the staff handle that?

GR: "It was pretty much the staff, but Jaden was very cool about it. He said if I had any questions to go to him. When I had questions I went to him, and he helped me out. He said he wanted me to go through the recruiting process on my own and let me get the experience. He was very cool about it."

MS: A lot of people will look at the quarterback of the recruiting class as kind of the lead player-recruiter. I know it's early, you haven't even announced it yet, but have you started to think about guys you want to join you in Stillwater?

GR: "Yeah, there's this kid from Eaton High School [Hunter Erb], this lineman that just got offered by Oklahoma State. Then Avyonne Jones from Southlake, me and him go back to kindergarten. He got offered by Oklahoma State. I'll probably talk to both of them."

MS: You said you and Avyonne Jones go back you kindergarten?

GR: "Yeah, when I was at Southlake, me and him were pretty close. We'd be on the same football team and stuff like that. We know his family really well."

MS: Is there a college or pro player that you watch a lot of and try to take things from?

GR: "I would say the two quarterbacks I watch the most are probably Russell Wilson and Tom Brady.

MS: What do you like about them apart from them obviously being elite quarterbacks?

GR: "I like Tom Brady's competitiveness. I'm a very competitive guy. If it's like playing ping pong with my mom or something like that, or if I'm out competing with some of the other guys, I just want to win. That's how Tom Brady is.

"With Russell Wilson, he's always trying to get better. If he's working on new throwing mechanics or how accurate he is. Russell Wilson is one of the most accurate guys in the NFL. I pride myself on being super accurate because you have to be accurate at the next level. That's what I take away from those two."

MS: What are some things you like to do away from football?

GR: "I like to listen to music or watch movies, and I play the piano."

MS: A piano player, that's some sophisticated stuff. ... What's your favorite movie or top three movies?

GR: "Honestly, it's probably all the Transformer movies. I was a big Transformers fan when I was a kid. I'd say all the Transformers movies."

MS: And what kind of music do you like?

GR: "I listen to 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, I listen to it all. My family, they don't allow me to play that rap in the house. They like forbid it. They get all mad and stuff, so I have to pick up on their music. I listen to all that stuff."

MS: You sound pretty cultured, the piano playing, the old music. That's awesome.

GR: "Yeah."

MS: Why No. 13, I see that you wear that in 7-on-7 and at Lone Star?

GR: "I've been wearing 13 since I was in fourth grade. I wore it because when I was at Southlake, there was a guy named Kenny Hill. The way he carried himself on and off the field and how he was such a leader. We were having a 7-on-7 state championship in fourth grade, and I wore 13 and he came out to represent. The way he made me feel and the way he inspired me is what I want to do younger kids and how I want to model for them and lead them the right way and inspire a lot of kids. That's why I wear 13 because Kenny Hill."

MS: For someone who hasn't seen you play, how would you describe your game?

GR: "I'm a pro-style guy, but if I need to run, I can run. I'm very accurate, and I'm a competitor. I like to win. No matter what it is, my main goal is to win, and I'll do whatever I can to help my team win."


Football player and plays piano? Going to do well in Stillwater.


perfect fit for Gundy


If there’s one I learned from this interview, it’s that Gundy is pretty funny.


My interpretation (probably wrong) is that Gundy made a dirty joke and the kid doesn’t want to say what it was.

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Parents need to let this kid hear Illmatic.

And we don’t even know why.


So Rangel is going to steal us a recruit from A&M? My dude.


I bet they joke about winning bedlam

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Mike: If you come here we will win Bedlam!
Garret: That’s funny STUFF, Mike. Funny STUFF.


Now this is exclusive!


My dad (conservative wang from Seiling) let me play the “Insane in the Brain” tape single when it came out. :slight_smile::clap:t3::clap:t3::clap:t3: