PFB Roundtable: Early Impressions of Cade and If There Will Be a QB Race in the Spring

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The Pistols Firing staff dishes on Cade and QBs.

QB should be an open competition this Spring.
I’m hoping SI wins the job.

Yes there should be, and I don’t care who it is as long as they can read defenses, decent at throwing the ball and mobile enough to make a difference for the run game.

Sanders could be a good rb or cornerback. Open qb yes but it’ll be with gunner and shane. Yes both stoner and Presley out there. But Presley needs to take over kick offs. As long as we don’t repeat the oline deal next yr. We will be fine there.

Cade is odd thing. I do hope u guys remember they were playing oru when u rote this article. Yes scored yes took over. Pg got 5 turnovers. Team had no assists for a half. That is bad. Which means the pg got no assists in the half. What do they say 3 to 1 ratio is good. So cade need 15 assists in the oru game. Team had 9. Boynton needs to get this team to learn to pass the ball. I know u guys think an assist is just another stat. A good assist is a easy basket. Assist helps both points and shooting %. See how WSU’s goes Saturday.

It is too bad Nolan McLean will be playing baseball in the spring. Since he came here to play 2 sports, he won’t get the reps. but the kid is listed at 6’3 225. I am always intrigued by the baseball players at QB because their mechanics are usually never an issue, show great arm strength but mostly like their accuracy. I am hoping he can make his way to the #3 spot by Sept and who knows, maybe gets a shot early on.

He does have good size. I saw his video wasnt over the hill on him. But u never know.