PFB Roundtable: Fall Camp Surprises and the Future of the Big 12

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We’re confident in OSU in 2021 but not so much when it comes to the Big 12’s long-term future.

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Talk about drinking orange Kool aid boys are over flowing with hype.

Three positions that will ultimately determine this team’s success this year:

  1. OL
  2. QB
  3. CB
    As for where we end up conference wise, at this point flip a coin.
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I’m not so sure what these players will look like until the season starts. So I’ll hold my judgement until we get about five or six games into the season or so. Playing a 1AA school and two G5 schools isn’t going to tell me much about where the team is at when conference play comes around.

I know we lost four players to the draft last season. So if anything that tells me if we want to place 4th in the conference again we better find players equivalent to that before the season starts. I think Boone is right. The AAC is looking more and more like the future destination for OSU athletics. I’m sure Gundy would be ecstatic.

Will love it when someone convinces Mizzou, then say ‘What bout Kansas too’ that they’re a more natural fit for the B1G, thereby opening up a 16th spot in the SEC…

B1G 16 teams
SEC 16 teams

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The B10, ACC, and PAC12 shouldn’t let the B12 into their alliance. The B12 has lost its difference makers. Just because they are not interested in the league as a group to survive doesn’t mean they are not interested in specific teams. Everyone is doing their research on each team to see what they would gain. Remember ou and Texas had been in talks for at least 6 months, so this will be a slow process, that probably won’t be resolved until after the season or longer. None of the B12 schools remaining can say anything and the other conferences are going to be mum as well.

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This made me laugh. Thank you gentlemen.

Here is where I disagree. There aren’t very many attractive teams left in the Big 12. There are 11 teams in the AAC. I think what we are going to see is a merger of Texas Tech, OSU, TCU, Baylor, and maybe K State or another team drafted into the AAC.

You have too much faith in the Big 12 commissioner. All that dude has done since he got to the conference is screw everything up and not lift a finger. He’s the very definition of a payroll bandit.

It’s going to be easier for the AAC to draft in remaining Big 12 teams and the other P5 conferences will draft in what’s left to fill their ranks. Just look at it this way though. Maybe we can get third in the AAC instead of being a middle of the pack Big 12 team.

I have no faith in Bowlsby whatsoever. But you mentioned it in your post. The P5 conferences will draft schools to fill up their ranks. I think that’s going to happen. I still think we have a chance at the P12 or ACC, which no one is talking about the latter. The articles I have read regarding TV numbers has OSU at19th in the country. Sure that is boosted by bedlam, but they are still solid without it. I would love to be in the ACC. Football can still be in the upper division and OSU is 4-0 vs ACC teams the last 5 years 2-0 vs Pitt, 1-0 vs Va. Tech, 1-0 vs Miami. Those 3 schools have the 2nd, 3rd, 4th most ACC conference wins the last 5 years. Ok, what about basketball? Duke, North Carolina, Syracuse and Louisvillecoming to play in GIA!!! Signs me up.

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I completely agree with your ACC take.

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Everybody will be watching all eight schools. So the two Mike’s need two win and Everybody need to turn TV :tv: on. Get the neighbors grandma priest to all turn :tv:on. Break into houses an turn their tv :tv:on.


I love it. Break into houses just to put OSU on the tube! If I go to a watch party I’ll leave my TV on with the pokes playing.

Very few people are talking about The ACC. I think it’s a real possibility.

Also, I agree with the depth and talent of the defense, but the future looks so bright on defense as well! Kendle Daniels, Aiden Kelly, Collin Oliver, oh my! And Nick Martin’s high school tape is really fun to watch if you have not seen it. There’s some talented freshman on defense this year that are going to keep it going even after we lose a lot of seniors this year.

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There have been some good classes for the defense. Got to get busy for this year’s class

When the news first came out about OU and Texas jumping ship I stated here that the ACC would be a good fit. So it’s nice to see others are thinking like that now since we are obvious desperate to find a landing spot other than the AAC. Being a big fish in a small pond does not net big tv revenue.

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IMO it’s way too early to tell what will happen with conference realignment. The PAC 12 seems to be standing pat for now, but their TV contract is worse than the Big 12 and it comes up for renewal before the Big 12. They seem focused on not diluting their payouts on a contract that is really short term. They could be in the same boat as the Big 12 in the very near future, in terms of getting low ball offers from the networks, then they may need to add more schools to expand their market and get more eyeballs. Short term, OSU would lose money if it jumped to the PAC 12 now and walked away from the Big 12 TV contract (which is better than the PAC 12’s) and the OU, UT liquidated damages payment or early buyout. Long term certainty is the key, and there will be no long term certainty until these TV contracts are renegotiated and extended. The so called alliance between the PAC 12, BIG and ACC would seem to be focused on out voting the SEC in the upcoming NCAA Constitutional Convention and putting expansion of the CFP on hold until other networks have the chance to bid against ESPN. Why do the BIG and ACC need an alliance with the PAC 12 for TV rights when their current contracts are locked in for years to come? For OSU it really sucks right now because the numbers clearly show that we are a top 20 program, based on winning percentage, TV ratings and overall strength of our athletic program. But long term I think we will come out OK, probably as a member of an expanded PAC 12.

I think joining the SEC is our best hope. The B1G and the PAC 12 think they are too good for us academically. Let’s see KU and Mizzou join the B1G. We’re the next logical piece for the SEC!



Best idea yet. We have no chance getting in the B1G or PAC 12. They are too academically inclined.

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Completely agree. This PAC12/Big10/ACC Alliance would be a very good thing, IMO, for the Cowboys getting to the SEC. OSU is clearly the best program athletically left. It would be a no-brainer. I would love to see some of these people on here that are dumping on the SEC start to get into their backpedal