PFB Roundtable: On Conference Realignment, and What it Means for OSU (and the Big 12)

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The fellas weigh in on what they think about the latest round of realignment.

I think a Pac 12/Big 12 supermerger would work… except…

1.) Their crybaby liberalism in which they played like 3 quarters in a season because of COVID. Would need to be able to opt out of crap like that.
2.) They need to be willing to play early (for them). They could have some late west coast games to get uncontested viewership for some mid-tier games like say… Washington vs. BYU which is a decent matchup, but not going to draw eyes away from Bama-Florida.

Could the SEC go to 20 and pull in Clemson, FSU, Miami and us?

Which conference is looking for a school that can compete on the national level in Equestrian and Golf?

First of all, NCAA needs to step in and act like a proactive organization by passing a rule limiting the size of conferences.
Until then, I think it would be wise for Big 12 to try to add North Carolina who is now good at basketball, football and baseball, and they have a wrestling team. I would also say Clemson, except I think it is obvious they are heading for the SEC. But whoever they add, they have to be really good in order to pull in tv revenue. NCAA is so weak. I continue to hold my stance about seeing colleges dropping football programs because of lack of tv revenue in the future. As the movie said, “it’s a mad, mad world…”

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I dnt think vandy has equestrian.

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I think this is as likely as any option. However, I doubt the Pokes would be in that mix. They would take NC before OSU.

North Carolina??? That would be the last team I would add. At the end of the day, all that matters is football. Brown has turned their program around to slightly above average at best.
I dislike the NCAA, but it’s a business. And if you’ve never been in business (for yourself), all that matters is profit. OSU either needs to sweet talk the sec and the b10, or the big 12 needs to try to poach Oregon, Arizona State, or some other schools in large tv markets that are capable of delivering viewers for football.

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“The Big 12 is stronger due to the Pac-12’s attrition…”

I get the gist, but the comment does confuse ‘strength’ with ‘not as weak… NOW’. :cowboy_hat_face: :sunglasses:

The Pac 12 just joined the Big 12 at the bottom of the conference heap. All three of the power 5 conferences that are NOT the SEC and B1G need to merge to form TWO conferences. jmho…

The NCAA is going out of business… slowly, but most assuredly. GO POKES!!

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