PFB Roundtable: Riffing on Cade Cunningham Signing, Previewing Kansas

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What Cade’s signing might lead to and how nervous should we be about KU.

So everyone is aware, the “smoke” about Greg Brown might’ve come from me, and I don’t want it to inflate anyone’s assumptions about our chances of getting him.

I’m literally only going off of him, Cade, and Rondel playing on the same AAU team. How could one not assume that they would make a play for him?

I just don’t want anyone to think I’ve put out misinformation or anything. I’m strictly going on a hunch, or a guess, nothing more. It’s safe to assume we probably won’t get him. But it’s also safe to assume Cade would most definitely reach out to him.

Edit: Also, upon review of Brown’s Twitter, it looks like he retweeted Cade’s OSU decision, but hasn’t done much else. So take that as you will.


It’s not just from you. When Corey Evans spent “a few hours” with CC the day before his commitment Greg Brown was one of the names CC himself dropped. I think the potential level of it happening is right around what you implied, just a little more evidence that CC is indeed reaching out.

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