PFB Roundtable: Spring Football Buzz on RBs and Potential Breakout Players

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The Pistols Firing staff talks breakout players for 2021 and is a little too hyped for OSU’s defense.

You guys are forgetting that Gundy says “You can’t replace experience!!!” and so with that being said let’s just wait and see how often Brennan Presley gets to step on the field. If I were going to guess it’s not going to be nearly as much as some people want him to be.

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Thats funny stuff. So I guess we’re going to play with no slot recievers.
U do know stoners stewart or any other experienced old slots are all gone.
There all talking about presley so Johnson will play 90 %.

It doesn’t do any good to play with slot receivers anyway when you never throw slant passes or send a player across the middle for the fear that he might get his head taken off.

Even though it’s a contact sport and both the players and coaches understand that’s the risk you take.

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Even if everyone mentioned improves, I think they will finish 3rd, 4th or 5th.

“I think OSU could run a lot more four-receiver sets this season, and I’m here for it.”

They COULD but they probably won’t. Because that would take away from being able to use the Cowboy Back on almost every single down. No way Gundy will take away an extra blocker or player that serves a minimal purpose out on the field.

Any article that is nice about the football team u two debbie downers slether out of ur holes.

All they write are correct.
We are going to be better.
Our path will follow Sanders

Sanders could be the reincarnation of Mahomes and Gundy will find a way to lose 3 conference games.

Pull the needle of the record. The record is scratched.
Because I’ve heard this song before.
We have had this talk before stop crying

Ar0 u have always helped me understand recruiting.
Why boynton did make any offers to a school of sunrise out of Wichita in the 2021 class. They had 5 kids get scholarships and 3 were in the top 50.
Had a center and pg.

Big Country was the last center to have Cowboy Culture.

What r u talking about

Boynton is looking for Cowboy Culture in a center. If they don’t have it, he don’t offer.

Really weird u r. But if ur happy with that ok.
What about the two guards in the top 50

If they don’t buy into the Cowboy Culture, we don’t need them, right?

I think ur missing the point he never offered them a chance. But I’m glad u final came around on boynton and cowboy culture. I’m still confused i thought u said we need to go offer players to get hold of better players?

According to you and yo, we don’t need 4 ☆ and 5☆.

Thats why I was asking for u help understanding recruiting. But I guess we dnt?

Maybe Boynton bought into Gundy’s theory that the middle of the conference is good enough.