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We are going to be the student in this master class, right?

If we can avoid an L against Brazil, it will be an all-time turnaround.

I wouldn’t be so disturbed if we didn’t seem so lackadaisical in the 2nd half. We also can’t forget that Colombia is a legitimately good team. Put their club teams next to our club teams, do a blind comparison, and someone would would probably say they are the better team. Lord knows they are better coached.


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I think that dismantling by Colombia has heated up Gregggg’s seat. Mediocre showing against Brazil and not making it out of group in Copa, he gone. An exit in the quarters, still think he might be gone.

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So we are, once again, not good?

Ya but the issue (and why he was rehired) was that we can’t afford (or are forced not to due to wnt issues) a good hire.

Edit: or they pay an appropriate amount to a good mens coach and just give the womens coach a huge raise. But that seems too obvious (and a bad biz decision).

Worth a listen


Listening to my podcasts this morning… what would you prefer for today’s game?

a) Bunker down, limit ourselves to a few opportunities in the counter, and we tie 0-0. Or…

b) We play to win, but lose 3-1, or 4-2.

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C) lose 5-0 and the coach is fired


PULISIC :us::eagle::us::eagle::us::eagle:


I’ve missed doing that :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Much better effort. I think that’s the hardest I’ve ever seen Pulisic play, @cameronj.

Gio Reyna too. I think that’s the most defense he’s ever played in his life :joy:


Yeah I definitely don’t remember 70 yard sprints back to help out the defenders :joy:

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Being a USMNT fan has the same rollercoaster feel as being an OSU fan. This is the life I’ve chosen.


So it looks like money for the 2026 World Cup is starting to flow. I came across this article for KC:

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