PFB+ Softball (Part 2)

Clutch pinch hit with 2 outs to take a 2-1 lead. Tallen left the bases loaded though.

8 hits and UNT gave up an error too. We scored only two out of those. Hitting has to get back since Houston scores a lot.

Also stranded 8 up to this point

Kilfoyl saves the team so many times this year. Will miss her a lot next year.


That was some clutch pitching


It would have been nice to get at least one timely hit to see if we could have broken it open., but it’s good that they just kept slogging and not making mistakes. Feels like a little cleaner play than last year.

Wasn’t great, but it’s good that the 2 RBI’s tonight came from the bottom 3rd of the order

Not sure how much of a contribution I will make in here today, as I will be on site for the game. First Cowgirl game of any kind to watch in person, so apologies in advance if we lose.


Make sure you walk behind home plate and throw up the guns so we know you’re actually there!


also please make sure everyone around you only talks about the game going on, if not then direct them to the appropriate thread :handshake:



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Sitting behind the visitor dugout in the shaded area.

No way I thought that was a HR. CF should have caught it. :joy:

Kind of looked like she lost it on TV. Either way, I’ll take it!

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The wind is swirling a bit. But agree, we’ll take it.

Dang. Where would we be without Kilfoyl?


Our bats are ice cold last couple of weeks. We should be getting more hits and runs vs Houston. Every other big 12 teams hit like 8 or more runs against tnem and BYU

Just need to turn the lineup over one more time on this pitcher and we’ll be fine.

Lexi has ice in her veins. I remember not being able to stand her at Alabama, but man… I sure do love her now.


She’s been clutch, for sure